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Archuleta resigns from assistant dean post after arrest

STANFORD -- Keith Archuleta resigned Tuesday, June 2, from his position as an assistant dean of students at Stanford University in the wake of his arrest for allegedly secretly videotaping a woman student.

Archuleta, 37, was arrested - and immediately placed on administrative leave by the university - Friday, May 29. He was booked on a charge of eavesdropping by electronic device and released from jail Saturday morning.

Vice President for Student Resources Mary Edmonds said that the university accepted Archuleta's resignation.

"This is the proper resolution," Edmonds said. "The resignation permanently severs Mr. Archuleta's contact with the university and the students affected. It completes our role in the matter; judicial action is in the hands of the police and district attorney.

"Our greatest interest has been in protecting and supporting our students, including the victim who reported this matter and the other residents of Mirrielees House. We will continue to give them all possible help."

Archuleta said: "It is clear to me that for the sake of the students, the university and myself, I must resign my position and leave the university. This is a time for healing, and my presence will not aid in that process. Also, I know I can never regain the trust of the community. The damage is irreparable. I regret that it is in these circumstances that I leave the university.

"Over the weekend, I was in a state of shock regarding the situation I found myself in. And I was in a state of denial as to the severity of the problem when I responded to calls from the press. I was not as candid as I should have been with the media. . . .

"I want to say publicly to the students and others that I have directly and deeply offended that I hope someday you will forgive me and understand that my intentions were not to hurt you or anyone," he said.

"I ask everyone at Stanford who has supported me over the years to now turn your love and attention to helping heal the wounds created in this community and support all those involved. I ask for your prayers and your compassion."

One of 12 assistant deans of students, Archuleta was director of the university's Black Community Services Center and resident fellow for Mirrielees House, a university apartment residence housing 280 sophomore, junior and senior men and women.

Stanford police made the arrest after a woman student reported an incident Thursday evening in Archuleta's apartment in the residence. The student said that Archuleta had persuaded her to pose clothed for still pictures for a photographic study he said he was doing, then secretly videotaped her as she changed clothes.

Sgt. Del Bandy, who is heading the criminal investigation, said that police have evidence that several women had been videotaped on separate occasions.

Archuleta, who graduated from Stanford in 1978, has been a resident fellow - overseeing the resident staff - at the upperclass residence since September of 1981. In January 1988, he was named assistant dean in charge of the Black Community Services Center, which provides educational, cultural and social programs to the university and its African American community.

"It is very sad that after so many significant contributions to the university over the years, Keith Archuleta's career here ends in a breach of trust," said Dean of Students Michael Jackson. "He has indicated that he will seek help with his life and we wish that effort success. Our foremost thought continues to be supporting our students and healing the community."



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