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Pearson to head Food Research Institute

'STANFORD -- Scott R. Pearson, professor at Stanford University's Food Research Institute, has been named director, and Prof. Carl H. Gotsch associate director of the institute.

Pearson succeeds Walter P. Falcon, who directed the institute for 19 years before being named director of Stanford's Institute for International Studies last year. Gotsch succeeds Anne E. Peck, who is now associate dean and director of undergraduate and graduate studies in the School of Humanities and Sciences.

The appointments were announced by Ewart Thomas, dean of humanities and sciences.

Pearson, who researches the relationships between policies affecting a country's food economy, is involved in projects in Indonesia, Portugal, Kenya and Italy. Combining field research, intensive teaching and policy analysis, these projects are concerned with the impacts of commodity and macroeconomic policies on food and agricultural systems. Pearson has co-authored seven books on the subject.

Pearson did his undergraduate work at the University of Wisconsin. He received his master's degree from Johns Hopkins University and his doctorate from Harvard. He joined the Food Research Institute in 1968.

Gotsch, principal investigator of the institute's Agricultural Policy Analysis Project, is examining the methods of incorporating environmental and natural resource issues into traditional partial-equilibrium economic analysis methods. He is extending previous work using budgeting and market-level methods to include environmental considerations to improve the quality of policy options.

Gotsch directs a month-long workshop on agricultural policy and microcomputers, designed largely for professionals from less developed countries' planning and research organizations. He teaches mathematical programming and project appraisal. Gotsch earned his undergraduate and master's degrees from the University of Idaho, and his doctorate from Harvard. He joined the institute in 1976.



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