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Open Enrollment Reminders from the Benefits Office

The Benefits Office has been getting many calls regarding Open Enrollment. Here are reminders from the office that may answer some questions and assist staff members in completing Open Enrollment forms.

  • If you are not changing your medical plan, HMO clinic or the dependents covered under the medical plan, you need not complete a new medical plan enrollment form.
  • If you are currently enrolled in the Premium Savings Plan (PSP), your enrollment will continue for 1992 unless you revoke it. Unless you have a change in family circumstance during 1992 (e.g., marriage, new child), you will not have another opportunity to revoke your enrollment until next year's Open Enrollment period (November 1992).
  • If you are not enrolled in PSP and would like any 1992 contributions to be deducted from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis, you must complete a PSP Agreement and return it to the Benefits Office by Nov. 27, even if your contributions do not start until March or September of 1992. Otherwise, you will only be allowed to begin participation prior to next year's Open Enrollment if you have a change in family circumstance during the year.
  • If you are changing carriers, you will receive a new medical plan identification card in February. If you need care after Jan. 1, 1992 but before you have received your card, you should contact the carrier for assistance at the following numbers:

Blue Shield: (800)535-8000

Health Net: (800)638-3889

Kaiser: Check the phone book for your local Kaiser facility

TakeCare: (800)635-2730

Enrollment forms are due to Benefits by Nov. 27. For additional information, contact the Benefits Office at 723-3377. (SLAC employees should contact the SLAC Benefits Office at extension 2357.) Staff can also drop by the Benefits Office at 855 Serra.


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