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New Folio file created for texts, reports, etc. The Stanford Data Center, in conjunction with the Academic Secretary's office and the Stanford News Service, has created a new Folio file called AC (for Academic Council) Announcements. The file, number 17 in the Folio menu, is active effective Wednesday, Nov. 13. It is intended to augment, rather than replace, the textual sections of Campus Report. It will contain committee reports, items set forth for discussion at future Senate meetings, etc. The first item to be filed is a report from the Committee on Research concerning a proposed modification to the Principal Investigator Eligibility and Exceptions Policy. The proposal will be discussed at the Nov. 21 meeting of the Faculty Senate. To access Folio, either use a Data Center account or type in the word "Folio" at the "Command" prompt in Forsythe and your Stanford identification number for the password.


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