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Orientation session for new faculty on resources available to support teaching and research activities

An orientation session describing resources available to support teaching and research activities at Stanford will be held from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 19, at the Sherman Fairchild Auditorium of the School of Medicine.

The program is designed for new faculty and is open to all interested members of the university community. President Donald Kennedy and Provost James N. Rosse will give brief welcoming remarks, followed by four-minute "bullet" descriptions about the services available from the following offices and programs on campus:

  • Stanford research policies and internal university funds available to support research (Robert L. Byer, dean of research).
  • Programs of overseas studies and research (Thomas Heller, director, Overseas Studies).
  • Interdisciplinary teaching and research opportunities (Carolyn Lougee, senior associate dean, Humanities and Sciences).
  • University libraries, including branch libraries, computer access and data bases, and academic computing resources, including internal and external network access (Karen Nagy, director, Meyer Library and Research Branch Libraries).
  • External research funding opportunities and proposal submission and negotiations (Bonnie Hale, information editor, Sponsored Projects).
  • Use of hazardous agents and/or human or animal subjects (Kathy McClelland, research compliance administrator).
  • Fund-raising at Stanford: organization, policies and practices (Bruce Hinchliffe, associate vice president, Office for Development).
  • Patents, copyright and technology licensing (Katherine Ku, director, Office of Technology Licensing).
  • Programs to ensure health and safety in laboratories, classrooms and offices (Thomas McBride, director, Environmental Health and Safety).
  • The Hoover Institution: library and archival holdings, and scholarly and fellowship programs on domestic and international public policy issues (Thomas Henriksen, associate director, Hoover Institution).
  • Assistance in the preparation, delivery and evaluation of course materials/lectures and supervision of teaching assistants (Michele Marincovich, director, Center for Teaching and Learning).
  • Video production services and television transmission (Paul Marca, producer, Stanford Instructional Television Network).
  • Conference and meeting scheduling, rooms and audio/visual equipment (Larry Davidson, associate director, University Events and Services).
  • Technical illustrations, graphics, printing, photography, copying and desktop publishing (Robert Topor, director, Stanford Publication Services and James Taskett, director, Visual Arts Services).

Following the presentations, information tables will be located in the lobby outside of the auditorium where the speakers will be available to answer questions and distribute written materials about their programs and services. Information about access to athletic facilities and membership in the Faculty Club also will be available at the information tables.

This orientation session is designed to help all members of the university community to become acquainted with these resources. In addition to incoming new faculty, this session may be particularly useful for new graduate students, postdoctoral students, academic staff members, visiting scholars, and consulting and visiting professors.

For more information on this event, call Kathy Eslinger in the Office of the Dean of Research at 723-9034.



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