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Traffic Services reorganized

Traffic Services deals with getting things on and off campus; however, these things are not cars and bikes, but packages.

In the past, the group within the Procurement Department had responsibility for export and import documentation services; campus-wide pickup, packing and shipping services; and damage claims, according to Charlie Channel, procurement analyst.

With "repositioning," however, Traffic Services has been reorganized and downsized. Alternatives have been put in place or identified to serve the ongoing needs of the Stanford community:

Details on these areas follow.

Stanford Traffic Services

When a department representative decides to use the Stanford Traffic Services group (located on campus at 330 Bonair Siding) to pack and ship an item off campus, an SU-13 form (Interdepartmental Request) must be signed and presented to Traffic Services.

Channel recommended that the Traffic Services group be used to pick up and pack an item weighing 75 pounds or less. Shipments will normally be sent out within five working days. For more information, call 725-1205 or 723-0331. Kris Harris, traffic services coordinator, can also be reached via electronic mail. Her address is ar.kgr@forsythe.

Traffic Services is available for free consultation at any time, Channel said. However, export or import documentation preparation might be the responsibility of a department, depending upon the nature of the transaction and whether or not Procurement is involved.

American Overseas

A University-wide blanket order was awarded to American Overseas Air Freight Inc. after a competitive selection process. Prices and terms for services have been negotiated and are incorporated into the agreement. American is Stanford's exclusive customs broker for inbound and outbound shipments.

American Overseas is located in Burlingame and is familiar with the requirements of the Stanford community, Channel said. Their telephone number is 340-1111. Consultation is without charge.

Under the terms of the blanket order, American Overseas can provide a comprehensive range of domestic and international shipping services, as well as services related to receiving items, e.g., packing and crating for items weighing more than 75 lbs. and preparation of export or import documentation.

Services from other off-campus businesses

Some local businesses provide packing and shipping services. If an item is not large, not biologically, chemically or radiologically hazardous, or not a research animal, it can be taken to an outside business for packing or shipping. The Packing Store, located at 2727 El Camino Real, between College and Oxford avenues, or the Box Works, located at the Town and Country shopping center, are examples of local businesses offering packing and shipping services. They accept Stanford rapid purchase orders.

Local businesses that specialize in local courier services within California or the United States can also be used. Call Traffic Services at 725-1205 for more information.

Air freight shipment

There are a number of businesses that specifically provide air freight services. United Parcel Service on-campus pickup is available at $5 per week per pickup location, plus freight costs. Federal Express also continues to operate under a university-wide blanket order. Preprinted airbills from Federal Express can be ordered without charge using SNAP Purchasing online rapid purchase orders. Contact Accounts Payable at 725-1702 or 725-1351 for more information.

Local packing and shipping

If a department has the resources, it may be less expensive to pack items before they leave the department. Central Stores carries boxes, tape and other packing materials.

More detailed information is available from Traffic Services on such topics as special concerns and considerations, procurement involvement, and export and import issues.


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