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Dr. Alastair Elliot Kirkpatrick, regarded as one of Great Britain's

leading authorities on mammography, has been named to a one-year

appointment as head of Stanford University Medical Center's

mammography patient program.

Mammography screening, which involves a breast X-ray, is

recommended by the American Cancer Society as a diagnostic tool for

breast cancer, which attacks some one in nine U.S. women during


lifetimes. Generally, women are encouraged by the ACS to receive a

baseline mammogram between ages 35 and 39, followed by annual or once

every two year screenings between ages 40 and 49, and then a yearly exam after age 50.

Dr. Gary M. Glazer, chairman of the medical school's Department of

Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, said Kirkpatrick is expected to

begin heading the mammography section as a consulting professor on Aug.

1. A 1964 medical school graduate of Edinburgh University, Kirkpatrick

currently serves as director of the South East of Scotland Breast

Screening Programme.

Kirkpatrick succeeds Dr. Ingvar Andersson, another international

figure in mammography and breast disease management, who came to

Stanford for six months from Malmo General Hospital in Sweden to expand

the mammography program.

Glazer noted in a letter announcing the appointment that the

Stanford mammogram service offers a variety of specialized services,

including fine needle biopsy, a post-mammography followup technique in

which tissue is collected using a thin needle instead of surgery.

To receive a patient information pamphlet or to schedule an

appointment, call (415) 725-6721.


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