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Undergraduate researchers honored

STANFORD -- Twenty-seven Stanford University graduating seniors were presented the Firestone Medal for Excellence in Research as Undergraduates on Saturday, June 15.

The Firestone award pays tribute to highly regarded honors research in the social, physical, and natural sciences and engineering. The seed money for the award was donated by the Firestone Family Foundation.

The Firestone Medal recipients and their hometowns, majors, projects and thesis advisers are:

Priya Agarwal (Rolling Hills, Calif.), Political Science, "Creating Identities: Indian Immigrant Families in the United States," David Abernethy.

Molly Brown (Silverdale, Wash.), American Studies, "University Anti-Harassment Speech Codes: An Examination of the University's Interests Through a Case Study Analysis," Lucius Barker.

John S. Chuang (Orangeburg, N.Y.), Biological Sciences, "Characterization of eight Ultrabithorax activated genes in Drosophila melanogaster," David Hogness.

Jeffrey J. Ekstrand (Palo Alto, Calif.), Psychology, "Maternal Regulation of Stress in Rats," Seymour Levine and Sandra Wiener.

Andrew D. Feldman (Stanford, Calif.), Economics, "Environmental Degradation and High-Fertility in Sub-Saharan Africa," Partha Dasgupta.

Mark P. Fisher (Cambridge, Mass.), Economics, "The Passing of the Lords of the Lakes and the Forests: An Institutional Analysis of the Competition and Collusion in Canadian Fur Trade, 1800-1825," Avner Greif and Paul Milgrom.

Brendan L. Flannery (El Macero, Calif.), Biological Sciences, "Implications for a plasma membrane sperm receptor on Ascidea ceratodes eggs," David Epel.

Namino Glantz (Salt Lake City, Utah), Education, "Taking One's Place: A Classroom Study of Education for Indigenous Teachers in Chiapas, Mexico," George Collier.

Nicholas A. Gleason (Providence, R.I.), Political Science, "The Alliance Process of the PS and PDC During Chile's Authoritarian Regime," Richard Fagen.

Mala Nani Htun (Albuquerque, N.M.), International Relations, "The Struggle for Political Hegemony and a One-Party State in Zimbabwe," David Abernethy.

Erik N. Johnson (Seattle, Wash.), Political Science, "Access and Influence: Interest Groups, Policy, and the American Association of Retired Persons," David Brady.

Andrea M. Lanctot (Larkspur, Calif.), Biological Sciences, "Investigation of the parameters of myoblast transfer therapy," Helen Blau.

Marc S. Lipschultz (St. Paul, Minn.) and Jeffrey L. Maggioncalda (Pacifica, Calif.), Economics, "A Comprehensive Real Estate Pricing Model," Frank Wolak and Geoffrey Rothwell.

Anthony J. Loffredo (Middletown, Conn.), Human Biology, "Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Strength and Endurance Trained Athletes," William Haskell.

Viviane Lowe (Celigny, Switzerland), Anthropology, "From Soup to Rice: Cooking and Eating in Japan," Carol Delaney.

Genevieve Maurer (Lake Bluff, Ill.), American Studies, "Women, Weight, and Reform in the U.S., 1900-30," Diane Middlebrook.

Leigh H. Miyamoto (Aiea, Hawaii), Chemistry, "Studies on the Preparation of Low Valent Nitrene Complexes," Lisa McElwee- White.

Lynette M. Mungai (Santa Cruz, Calif.), Human Biology, "Psychosocial Dimensions of Recycling for Students in High Recycling and Low Recycling Residences at Stanford University," June Flora.

Stephen R. Quake (New Canaan, Conn.), Physics, "Optical Tweezing of DNA," Steven Chu.

Jennifer S. Roberts (Newton, Mass.), Biological Sciences, "Cell migration in cultured cerebral cortical slices," Susan McConnell.

Douglas Ian Stewart (Moraga, Calif.), Latin American Studies, "Sandman: An Ethnoecological Analysis of Colonists and Deforestation on the Transamazon Highway," Stephen Haber.

Edward Tai Sun (Gaithersburg, Md.), Values, Technology, Science, and Society, "Scaling the Wall: West German Television and the Collapse of Communism in East Germany," Robert McGinn.

Traci Ann Takahashi (San Leandro, Calif.), Human Biology, "Protein Production: An Essential Requirement for Active Protein Production," Abdul Matin.

Jeanne L. Tsai (Irvine, Calif.), Psychology, "Cross- Cultural Social Interaction in the Young and Old," Laura Carstensen.

Milada A. Vachudova (Bellevue, Wash.), International Relations, "Czechoslovak Foreign Policy: A New European Perspective," David Holloway.

H. Arthur Woods III (Edmond, Okla.), Biological Sciences, "Male resource allocation in Heliconius charitonius," Carol Boggs.



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