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Golden medal winners for humanities, creative arts

STANFORD -- Fifteen members of the Stanford University Class of l991 received the Robert M. Golden Medal for Excellence in Humanities Scholarship and the Creative Arts at ceremonies held Saturday, June 15.

The award recognizes seniors' outstanding honors research in the humanities and creative pursuits in the fine arts. It is named for and funded through an endowment from a San Diego alumnus.

The awards were presented by Ewart Thomas, dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences, and Tom Wasow, dean of undergraduate studies.

The Golden Medal recipients, their hometowns, majors, projects and faculty sponsors are:

Jonathan S. Abernethy (Wellesley, Mass.), History, "Politics in the Streets: The Watts Rebellion of 1965," Claybourne Carson.

Simon W. Beaven (Walnut Creek, Calif.), Humanities Special Programs, "Terrible Swift Sword: The Action of Grace in Three Stories by Flannery O'Connor," Albert Gelpi.

Claire E. Bender (Madison, Wis.), Humanities Special Programs, "Jules Roy: The Conceptual Other and the Colonization of the Female Image," James Winchell.

Robert E. Burwell (El Cajon, Calif.), History, "Weaving the Entangling Web: The Role of Small and Middle Powers in the Formation of the North Atlantic Alliance," Barton Bernstein.

Craig D. Dworkin (Bloomington, Ind.), English, "The Lay and the Lie of the Line: Visual Literacy and the Conventional Poem," Diane Middlebrook.

Adrianne Estill (Richmond, Calif.), Humanities Special Programs, "Towards Reconciliation: Ideology Versus Subjectivity in Brecht's and Neruda's Poetry," Johannes Gumbrecht.

Leslie Goddard (Hinsdale, Ill.), Drama, "Bronte: A One Woman Show," Patricia Ryan.

Adine Y. Kernberg (Scarsdale, N.Y.), Art, "An Investigation into the Role of Food in America," Jody Maxmin.

Christopher P. LaPuma (Anaheim, Calif.), Drama, "Artistic Creation in Drama."

Ju-Ying Song (El Sobrante, Calif.), Music, "Artistic Creation in Music."

Serena S. Spudich (Palo Alto, Calif.), Humanities Special Programs, "Phrenology and Charlotte Bronte: The Meanings of Science in Nineteenth-Century Popular Culture," Timothy Lenoir and Raymond Clayton.

Scott P. Walker (Houston, Texas), Feminist Studies, "Historical Relations: The Critical Project and Critical Representation of Harriet Taylor and John Stuart Mill," Estelle Freedman.

Sasha Su-Ling Welland (St. Louis, Mo.), Individually Designed Major, "Mirror of the Past: Reflections on a Chinese Family History," Renato Rosaldo.

Deborah L. Wicks (Long Beach, Calif.), Music, "One Bad Apple," Jody Rockmaker.

Sarah Ann Willburn (Modesto, Calif.), English, "Parrots, Passion, Pinks: Intertextuality, Catholicism, and Spiritualism in Kate Chopin's 'The Awakening,'" Michael Tratner.



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