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Transfer applications up 12 percent

STANFORD -- Stanford's Undergraduate Admissions Office offered admission to 151 transfer students in decision letters mailed Friday, May 24, to 1,303 applicants.

The deadline for accepting offers is June 15, and it is estimated 115 to 120 new transfers will enroll in September. They will be joined by an entering freshman class of about 1,525. Offers were sent to 2,639 prospective freshmen in April.

The number of transfer applicants was up 12 percent over last year, when 1,160 undergraduates at other universities and colleges sought admission to Stanford. The applications came from students at 481 colleges and universities.

While applicants from other four-year institutions increased by 5 percent from 1990 to 1991, applications from community college candidates were up by 20 percent.

"This increase in interest from community college students, many from California schools, is particularly gratifying," said Jean Fetter, dean of undergraduate admissions, "because we expanded our outreach efforts to these schools during recent years."

The 151 applicants offered admission represent 12 percent of the applicant pool. Last year, 14 percent (162) were offered admission. An additional 30 transfer students are on a waiting list to allow for fluctuations in the anticipated acceptance rate, Fetter said.

The 151 offers of transfer admission went to students in 29 states, the District of Columbia and seven foreign countries. Once again, California had the highest representation (37 percent), followed by Washington (6.7 percent), Oregon (6 percent), New Jersey (4.7 percent), and Michigan and New York (4 percent each.)

"Many have attended some of the finest institutions in the East or Midwest and now want to return to their home region," Fetter said. "Others have been attending much larger, public universities in the West and are seeking the opportunities provided by a smaller, private, residential university campus."

The highest number of admitted transfers are from University of California at Los Angeles and University of California- Berkeley, with eight and seven, respectively. Other institutions with high numbers of students admitted include the six Ivy League schools along with Claremont McKenna College, Foothill College, the University of Chicago, Rutgers, Boston University, University of California-San Diego and Johns Hopkins.

The nine international students offered admission are from Germany, India, Malaysia, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore and Switzerland.

Women constitute 41 percent of the admitted transfer group, down slightly from 43 percent last year. The number of minority students is up from 23 percent in 1990 to 29 percent this year.

The quality of the applicant pool, as measured by college grade point averages and Scholastic Aptitude Test scores, remained very strong. Nearly 500 applicants had grade point averages between 3.6 and 4.0, and more than 500 had combined SAT scores of 1200 or above.

Of those offered admission, 30 percent had college GPAs of 3.9 or 4.0, and 65 percent had GPAs of 3.6 or higher. More than half had combined SAT scores of 1300 or above, and 65 percent had scores of 1200 or higher.



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