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Bilingual children should be viewed as an asset, not a liability, expert argues

Bilingual education is one of the most controversial issues in education, according to School of Education Dean Deborah Stipek. Most often, a primary language other than English is seen as an obstacle to overcome, when in fact it can be an important asset to children and to society, she says.

Turning the problem on its head, Guadalupe Valdés, professor of education and of Spanish, studies the way in which bilingual children have access and knowledge that can serve as a resource in their learning and their lives. She will present her findings at 5 p.m. Nov. 4 in a public lecture titled "Expanding Definitions of Giftedness: The Case of Young Interpreters." The talk will be held in the Cubberley Education Building on Lasuen Mall opposite the Main Quad.

The occasion also will celebrate Valdés' appointment as the first Bonnie Katz Tenenbaum Professor in Education. Following the talk, a gala reception will take place in the newly renovated Cubberley building lobby.



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