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Stanford University and Stanford Microdevices resolve name dispute

Stanford University and Stanford Microdevices have resolved their differences over the disputes, issues and defenses that are presented in the legal proceeding that is currently pending in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

Stanford Microdevices, without admitting any liability, acknowledges that Stanford University's names and marks are strong, famous and distinctive. Stanford Microdevices also has agreed to discontinue using the term "STANFORD" and a predominantly red or red-and-white "S" logo by or before Jan. 31, 2002. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed.


Editor's note:

Stanford University filed suit against Stanford Microdevices, a Sunnyvale firm producing integrated circuits for wireless telecommunications markets, for infringement of the university's name and trademarks on March 17, 2000. Because of Stanford's international reputation in technology and extensive relationships with Silicon Valley companies, university officials were concerned that the investing public and others would be misled into assuming there was a connection between Stanford University and Stanford Microdevices.

The suit is part of the university's ongoing and successful program to protect its intellectual property. In the past several years, Stanford has stepped up its efforts to keep third parties from exploiting or profiting from the Stanford name or its marks, according to Debra Zumwalt, university general counsel. In particular, the university has focused on misuse that could confuse the public or harm the university's reputation. Stanford has successfully prosecuted cases of trademark infringement ranging from the inappropriate use of Stanford in Internet domain names to the appropriation of the university's name by companies specializing in high technology, health care, educational products and financial services.


By Elaine Ray

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