Stanford headlines for September 2014

Fight against terrorism likely slow and incomplete, Stanford scholar says

Stanford scientists reveal complexity in the brain's wiring diagram

A molecular physics experience through movement at Stanford

Stanford's new Revs Digital Library spotlights the automobile as cultural icon

Stanford scholar helps veterans recover from war trauma

New farming practices can increase yields and lower pollution in China, Stanford study shows

Buckyballs and diamondoids join forces in tiny electronic gadget from Stanford and SLAC

Stanford engineers aim to connect the world with ant-sized radios

Stanford and SEIU reach agreement; SEIU votes overwhelmingly to approve contract

The technology industry needs more women innovators, Stanford expert says

NFL needs consciousness-raising campaign on domestic abuse, say Stanford experts

Stanford scientists map white matter connections within the human brain

Diversified farming practices might preserve evolutionary diversity of wildlife, say Stanford and Berkeley biologists

Stanford engineers help describe key mechanism in energy and information storage

Parking closes on Santa Teresa Street, opens in new Searsville lot

Stanford-led study assesses the environmental costs and benefits of fracking

Stanford's Karl Deisseroth wins Keio Prize

Stanford Professor Robert Schimke, a pioneer in biomedical sciences, dies at 81

A private art collection becomes a Stanford collection on Sunday, Sept. 21

Stanford research shows that working together boosts motivation

Stanford welcomes Class of 2018 and transfer students

Stanford students ease life in the zoo

Stanford bioengineers develop a toolkit for designing more successful synthetic molecules

Stanford scientists track the rise and fall of brain volume throughout life

Gel-like padding being developed by a Stanford Bio-X team could help cells survive injection and heal spinal cord injuries

At Stanford, Convocation speakers urge new students to take intellectual, interpersonal risks

Prepared remarks of President John Hennessy at Opening Convocation Ceremony on Sept. 16, 2014

Prepared remarks of Chad Kamisugi, Class of 2015, at Opening Convocation Ceremony on Sept. 16, 2014

Stanford research links malnutrition and pollination

Stanford scholar named MacArthur fellow

Stanford scholar tracks the changing world of gay sexuality

Preventing sexual assault a focus in new academic year

A private art collection becomes a Stanford collection

Stanford researchers create 'evolved' protein that may stop cancer from spreading

Cichlid fish genome helps tell story of adaptive evolution, Stanford scientists say

Combating sexual violence at Stanford

Stanford scholars propose new strategy for dealing with North Korea

Stanford's new P&TS director talks peak-hour traffic, "green" Marguerites, parking

Women and children bear brunt of domestic violence, Stanford scholar says

Wellness Network at Stanford connects students to mental health and wellness resources and communities of support

Stanford Management Company releases 2014 results

Stanford and China exchange electronic academic records

The 2013 government shutdown affected federal workers and the U.S. economy, Stanford economist says

Stanford freshmen embark on new intellectual journey

Shift away from political moderation contributes to rising inequality, threats to democracy, Stanford experts say

Traffic flowing in Stanford's new Escondido Roundabout

'Stanford in New York City' to launch autumn 2015

Another Look book club goes out of this world with Calvino's 'Cosmicomics'

Causes of California drought linked to climate change, Stanford scientists say

Stanford releases annual campus safety report

Stanford scientists at forefront of climate research