Stanford headlines for January 2014

Stanford Band sets the tone for a week of Rose Bowl revelry

Stanford research: The meaningful life is a road worth traveling

Ultimate Stanford Bing Concert Hall souvenir: limited edition ukuleles made from stage floorboards

A Rose Bowl game not ruined for its thorn

The Stanford community celebrates: A week of Rose Bowl festivities in pictures

Learning from mistakes: Stanford engineering course builds students' confidence by encouraging them to fail

Stanford researchers track a silent killer in rural Bangladesh

Cartoonist Garry Trudeau to deliver lecture on a meaningful life at Stanford

Stanford shares in $540 million gift from Ludwig Cancer Research

Stanford cosponsors exhibit on Juana Briones, 19th-century Latina entrepreneur

Stanford philosophy professor calls for a generation of more responsible thinkers

Stanford scholar: Global struggle continues for social justice, human rights

Stanford Professor Leland Smith, innovative music creator, dies at 88

Stanford Education Dean Claude Steele named UC Berkeley provost

Former Stanford professor and Internet inventor eyes safety in wired-up world

Stanford research: Nation's record mixed on fighting poverty, inequality

Three young Stanford faculty members receive presidential award

Zuckerberg and Hennessy discuss how social media can solve global challenges

Surveillance threatens U.S. business climate, democracy, say Stanford researchers

Stanford Express Care clinic offers treatment for minor ailments to faculty and staff

Stanford Professor Elliot Eisner, champion of arts education, dead at 80

Stanford students study religion through campus artifacts

Houston, we have ants: Mimicking how ants adjust to microgravity in space could lead to better robots, Stanford scientist says

Stanford experts urge major reforms in state, local government budgeting

Journalist explores rise of 'transaction society' in Tanner Lectures at Stanford

Freshmen immersed in the arts in their Stanford dorm

Stanford scholar Larry Diamond to receive award for alumni engagement

Stanford scientists use 'virtual earthquakes' to forecast Los Angeles quake risk

Stanford researchers find flies, humans perceive motion in same way

Stanford researchers discover honeybees are picky pollinators

Faculty hear reports on Stanford's Istanbul program and Stanford Online

Difficult to defend Olympics, say Stanford experts

Stanford community encouraged to step up water conservation

Stanford research: Hidden benefits of gossip, ostracism

Bill and Melinda Gates will be the 2014 Commencement speakers at Stanford

Building an ethical Stanford community subject of judicial forum

Determined students overcome challenges and breathe new life into a classic musical

Stanford researchers reveal more about how our brains control our arms

Stanford author meshes text and tech

Meg Whitman talks corporate culture, tech future at Stanford event

Stanford's Gardner Center partners with California schools on new reform plan

Stanford chemist joins with radiologists to locate source of pain – with help from newts

Stanford scholars examine evolution of democracy in South Korea, Taiwan

Gene T. Sykes, investment banker, elected to Stanford's Board of Trustees

Stanford chemists develop new technique for improving stomach cancer surgery results