Stanford headlines for February 2014

Bringing a reimagined 'My Fair Lady' to life

Stanford professor traces roots of the psychedelic '60s to postwar America

All-star panel to discuss Philip Roth's The Ghost Writer at Stanford

'The novelist's obsession is with language': Philip Roth on writing, the future of language and The Ghost Writer

Stanford scholars see political hurdles in immigration reform

Global tour forges new connections between Stanford and alumni

Stanford professor points out potential flaw in reading lessons for Spanish-speaking students in U.S.

Reflections of winter at Stanford

Stanford students launch organ donation campaign

Grab your brains: Stanford students give local seventh graders a day to remember

Stanford's overseas program in Moscow to be reshaped

Final round of town hall meetings on lab safety culture at Stanford

Faculty Senate approves plan to revamp Stanford's class schedules

Stanford humanities scholars put the human back into economics

Stanford scholars propose peaceful nuclear path for Iran

Stanford researchers' new test for cystic fibrosis may lead to more treatments

Stanford raises undergraduate tuition 3.5 percent, reaffirms financial aid commitment for 2014-15 school year

Stanford submits proposal for quarter-long program in New York City

Abundance of caution closes Stanford campus buildings

Letter to campus community regarding overnight interruptions

Stanford, NOAA scientists discover mechanism of crude oil heart toxicity

America's natural gas system is leaky and in need of a fix, new study finds

Stanford psychologist shows why talking to kids really matters

Three Stanford alums named 2014 Gates Cambridge Scholars

Stanford economist suggests how to better allocate donor organs to increase their availability

Stanford scholars say Bitcoin offers promise, peril

Stanford study says ticks may cause double trouble

Technique developed by Stanford scientists could lead to new treatments for pain

Stanford trustees approve field house, underground garage, faculty homes

Faculty Senate to discuss course evaluations, joint major programs

Stanford agrees to solutions for Dish-area parking problems

Stanford research explores weekend happiness, unemployment blues

Stanford creates a taste of student life, classes included, for visiting parents

Stanford offers online creativity course featuring Warner Music Group artists

Stanford asks for an end to tobacco sales on campus

Stanford launches university-wide Global Development and Poverty Research Initiative

Stanford scholars debate the moral merits of reading fiction

Senate approves Joint Majors Program, discusses course evaluations

Smiles all around as family members soak up campus life during Parents' Weekend

Parents' Weekend offers a window into students' world

Stanford research shows long-run benefit of English instruction

Online voting under way for 2014-15 Faculty Senate

Exploring the origins of the universe from the bottom of the world: Stanford's 31st Bunyan Lecture

Worldview Stanford launches 'The Science of Decision Making'

Stanford research: Compassion aids well-being

At Stanford, IMF chief discusses promise, risk of global economy

Offshore wind farms could tame hurricanes before they reach land, Stanford-led study says

Stanford scientist unveils 50-state plan to transform U.S. to renewable energy

Stanford researchers identify cellular elastic that keeps nerves resilient

Stanford scholar: Uncertainty reigns in crisis-ridden Ukraine

Stanford seeking insights from faculty-PIs and research staff on lab safety culture

Stanford student’s research contributes to the history of black sacred music

Stanford scientists investigate worst drought in California's history

Stanford engineers create a software tool to reduce the cost of cloud computing

Stanford research finds carbon regulation burden heaviest on poor

Stanford scholar explores civil rights revolution's positive impact on the South's economy