Stanford headlines for August 2014

Stanford Repertory Theater in the throes of a whale hunt and preparing for an alien invasion

A new look for Stanford Report

Provost John Etchemendy's letter to Faculty Staff Housing

Frequently asked questions about Stanford's water use reduction policy

New water reduction requirements as drought persists

Stanford and Palo Alto police departments team up, arrest battery suspect

Stanford scientists create remote-controlled nanoscale protein motors

Stanford announces 2014 Stanford Bright Award recipient

Stanford research suggests support for incarceration mirrors whites' perception of black prison populations

Stanford scientists use lasers and carbon nanotubes to look inside living brains

People understand hyperbole through intent of communication, Stanford researcher says

European immigrants to America in early 20th century assimilated successfully, Stanford economist says

Stanford art historian explores the shocking yet affirmative power of gay imagery

Road closure, helicopter noise with equipment delivery Aug. 11

Jewish émigrés who fled Nazi Germany revolutionized U.S. science and technology, Stanford economist says

Stanford experts tackle public health & policy questions on Ebola

Stanford biologist explains science of origin stories of Captain America and the Incredible Hulk

Stanford research shows value of clams, mussels in cleaning dirty water

Stanford's Maryam Mirzakhani wins Fields Medal

Stanford travelers advised to avoid West Africa

Stanford gives military veterans an academic boost

Stanford researcher gets first-time look at Antarctic minke whales feeding

From Twitter to Kickstarter, Stanford English professor says the digital revolution is changing what it means to be an author

Stanford's 2014 Three Books program embraces theme of 'science and scientists'

University to test upgrades to AlertSU system on Wednesday, Aug. 20

Stanford course gives students just 10 weeks to design, build and fly tiny 'rescue' aircraft

A gentle reminder – and guidelines – from Stanford Recycling

Stanford scholar sees failure as key element of success for some of America's most revered authors

Congressional staffers learn about cybersecurity at Stanford boot camp

Stanford expert describes how the U.S. and China can manage their relationship and avoid conflict

Stanford library's punk poster art collection revives '80s musical history

Margalit Fox and Kiese Laymon win Stanford's 2014 Saroyan Prize for Writing

Stanford's Symbolic Systems bridges gap between humanity, technology

Stanford scientists develop water splitter that runs on ordinary AAA battery

Stanford report offers a pathway to WWII reconciliation in Asia

Stanford bioengineers close to brewing painkillers without using opium from poppies

Eye implant developed at Stanford could lead to better glaucoma treatments

Stanford team looks to take crowdsourcing to a whole new level

Stanford summer program brings more diversity to the earth sciences

Google's Eric Schmidt tells Stanford gathering that the key to cybersecurity is better encryption

Stanford geophysicist discusses what last weekend's earthquakes mean for future seismic activity in the Bay Area

Militarized policing is counterproductive, Stanford expert says

Stanford's new Lathrop Library ready for Sept. 15 opening

Stanford takes energy research to the limits

Stanford continues to monitor Ebola outbreak; risk to campus is seen as negligible

Stanford engineer helps determine how the brain learns new tasks

Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies programs offer a range of academically challenging opportunities

Anti-Semitism surge in Europe reflects loss of values, historical awareness, says Stanford scholar