Stanford headlines for May 2013

The power of storytelling drives Stanford's BiblioTech conference

'Another Look' book club brings the Roaring '20s to Stanford with Anita Loos' Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

New chapter opens for Stanford Hospital

At Stanford, Education Secretary speaks on preschool, online ed and diversity

10th annual book salon celebrates Stanford authors

Stanford-led research pushes back origins of agriculture in China by 12,000 years

Six Stanford faculty elected to National Academy of Sciences

Senate approves new student disciplinary process for sexual assault and harassment cases

Stanford Daily editor reflects on paper's future

Stanford engineers' new metamaterial doubles up on invisibility

Temporary traffic changes on Campus Drive West

New Stanford research on speed dating examines what makes couples 'click' in four minutes

Stanford center highlights the benefits of compassionate workplaces

Palumbo-Liu elected next Faculty Senate chair

Stanford scholar Clarence Jones provides glimpse at words behind Martin Luther King's dream

Walters Art Museum manuscript collection makes a virtual move to Stanford

Stanford musicians bring 21st-century effects to 16th-century vocal music

Three exceptional staff members to receive 2013 Amy J. Blue Awards

Stanford study reveals probable role of Parkinson's protein in healthy brain

Monica Moore, 'a master problem-solver,' wins Amy J. Blue Award

Memorial service to be held May 15 for Laudan Nabizadeh Fariborz

Stanford's Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve at 40

Tony Gaspar, known for his smile and customer service, wins Amy J. Blue Award

TEDxStanford highlights breakthroughs in research and creativity, Stanford-style

Office of Community Standards emerges to oversee judicial process

Faculty Senate to discuss the future of the PhD degree

Stanford engineers monitor heart health using paper-thin flexible 'skin'

Alba Holgado, 'a rare workplace treasure,' wins Amy J. Blue Award

Stanford adds walkers, bikers to incentive-based study to relieve traffic congestion

In its 42nd year, Stanford Powwow continues tradition by celebrating Native American culture

Evolution shapes new rules for ant behavior, Stanford research finds

The music of the Arab Spring finds a home on the Stanford campus

Q&A: Steven Chu on returning to Stanford, his time as U.S. Energy Secretary

Stanford professor and former NASA official explains how NASA might revive the Kepler space telescope

Earth's iron core is surprisingly weak, Stanford researchers say

Stanford adds two new freshman living, learning programs

Faculty Senate explores the future of the doctoral degree

Stanford engineers' new nanoscavenger purifies water, gets retrieved by magnet

Frogs in California harbor deadly amphibian pathogen, Stanford researchers find

Three Stanford staff members honored at Amy J. Blue Award ceremony

The Golden Gate is returning to Stanford May 30

Stanford physicists develop revolutionary low-power polariton laser

Stanford humanities scholars harness the power of crowdsourcing

Stanford visiting artist Robert Henke to perform a 'musical machine'

Breathing exercises help veterans find peace after war, Stanford scholar says

Stanford scholar sheds light on Greek immigrant's rags-to-riches story

Stanford Classics in Theater brings the mishaps and mania of Euripides' The Cyclops to Hollywood

Stanford scientists urge action on global climate change

New office provides face-to-face assistance for student veterans at Stanford

Gold shovels dig into another transformative building at Stanford

Stanford visiting artist Ann Carlson creates a performance piece made entirely of gestures

Stanford seminar teaches secrets to magical leadership

Stanford faculty more diverse today, though study finds academic environment could improve for minority professors

Stanford to open resource center to foster engagement on the Muslim world

Recovery of Hawaiian green sea turtles far short of historic levels, Stanford-led study suggests

At Stanford, scientists consider potential of abundant biomedical data

Pacific Northwest artists restore Stanford totem poles to their original grandeur

Stanford budget plan for 2013-14 reflects strong fiscal positioning – but also need for caution

Teaching online yields lessons about learning, Stanford scholars say

Stanford's visitor relations director has walked many a mile backward in tour guides' shoes