Stanford headlines for July 2013

Austerity programs hurt children, say Stanford scholars

John Arrillaga and Stanford: Generosity begets generosity

Stanford officials continue to monitor impact of hot weather

Stanford students capture the flight of birds on very high-speed video

Fountains and shade help Stanford campus beat the heat

Kids eat more vegetables after nutrition lessons, Stanford study finds

Stanford researcher Doug Engelbart, inventor of the computer mouse, dies

When plane-crash victims arrive at Stanford Medicine, response teams ready

Stanford's new career services director sets out to reinvent program

Stanford climate scientist addresses misconceptions about climate change

Stanford researchers say 'peak oil' concerns should ease

From campus to camps: Stanford students study realities on the ground for thousands of refugees in Ethiopia

Firewood becomes central to Stanford student research in Ethiopia

Stanford computer science students work with UN on innovation technology for refugees

Stanford students urge UN to support small-scale farming at refugee camps

Cantor Arts Center's French summer

Stanford scientists eavesdrop on erupting volcano's astonishing seismic sound

From China to U.S., the game of mahjong shaped modern America, says Stanford scholar

The best defense against catastrophic storms: Mother Nature, say Stanford researchers

Volunteers needed for emergency drill

Classes should do hands-on exercises before reading and video, Stanford researchers say

Big ideas: Stanford program teaches innovators business and leadership skills

Stanford researchers reveal great white sharks' fuel for oceanic voyages: liver oil

Memorial service set for Robert Hamerton-Kelly, former dean of the chapel

Stanford scientists break record for thinnest light-absorber

Through photos and memorabilia, Stanford's Allen Ginsberg collection captures a generation

Stanford expert says Internet's backbone can readily be made more sustainable

Armed robbery of Stanford employee prompts early morning emergency alert

Through Stanford massive online course, students across the world learn how to interpret data

Hoover Library and Archives brings out its art to illustrate history

Stanford launches new interdisciplinary Institute for Chemical Biology

Stanford Summer Theater Festival presents works by two great Irish dramatists and funnymen, Wilde and Beckett

Investigating apparent IT breach, Stanford urges users to update passwords

Stanford researchers seek to preserve where the wild things are

Stanford Live's Executive Director Wiley Hausam looks forward to 2013-14 and beyond

Investigating apparent IT breach, Stanford urges users to update passwords

'Home' is the theme of this year's Three Books program at Stanford

Cool learning tools to be showcased at Stanford Aug. 2

Q&A: Stanford researcher on learning English in today's multiethnic classrooms

Stanford nanotechnology experts share their love of the field with California teachers

Stanford study: Indian microloan program more popular when well-connected spread word