Stanford headlines for August 2013

Climate change on pace to occur 10 times faster than any change recorded in past 65 million years, Stanford scientists say

Stanford engineers receive award to improve supercomputing and solar efficiency

Powered by the sun: Stanford students add solar panels to their zero-emissions house

Disorder can improve the performance of plastic solar cells, Stanford scientists say

Stanford scientist looks for a deeper understanding of hearing through the bones in our heads

Stanford humanities course empowers recovering addicts and alcoholics

Stanford undergraduate organizes bioengineering boot camp for high school students

Robert M. Bass returning to Stanford's Board of Trustees

Stanford's Environment and Energy Building achieves 'Platinum' grade

New source of arsenic threatens groundwater in Vietnam, Stanford research finds

Human rights commissions helpful, says Stanford researcher

Axess redesign now live

Energy improvements move ahead while enhancements emerge

Evacuation drill to take place at Stanford Stadium today

Stanford scientists sequence genome of human's closest invertebrate relative

How do you get to Bing Concert Hall? Practice, practice, practice – starting with the Stanford Youth Orchestra

Drill at Stanford Stadium tests emergency response

Stanford Techie Festival starts Monday; 18 classes offered this year

Stanford students will use 'design thinking' to judge vintage vehicles at elite auto show

Stanford scholars find varying quality of science and tech education in Brazil, Russia, India and China

Campus leadership provides update on IT system breach, further security tips

A new approach to making climate treaties work, from research at Stanford and in Switzerland

Stanford study: Participation in a cultural activity may reduce prejudice

Stanford's King Institute commemorates 50th anniversary of March on Washington

New Stanford website takes a digital approach to an ancient topic: families

Stanford-affiliated sea-faring robot searches for toxic algae in Puget Sound

Memorial service for Daniel DeYoung scheduled Sept. 22

Willpower is in your mind, not in a sugar cube, say Stanford scholars

High school students take a philosophical approach to history and literature at the Stanford Summer Humanities Institute

Stanford Life Flight helicopter landing temporarily relocated

Can't resist touching the art? These Stanford students scrub the 'Gates of Hell'

New Stanford program brings innovative engineering ideas to life

Stanford filmmaker aims to reveal injustices of wrongful convictions

Stanford solar scientists solve one of the sun's mysteries

Stanford discussing potential pilot program in New York City

Stanford scholars examine outcome of military strike against Syria

Parent talks appear to help curb risky drinking at Stanford