University to test AlertSU system on Friday

The university will conduct the fall test of the AlertSU system on Friday, Oct. 12, at 12:05 p.m. This will include activation of the AlertSU outdoor warning siren as well as the mass notification system.

The university encourages all members of the Stanford community to update their contact information, particularly the mobile phone field, in StanfordYou, prior to Friday's test. Students should update their information through Axess.

On Friday, a new function of the mass notification system will be tested: the ability for recipients to respond to a specific question. The new functionality is intended to enable the university to more quickly determine whether individuals can be accounted for during an actual emergency. 

In the event of a real emergency, Stanford authorities use the AlertSU system to notify the campus community of situations believed to pose an ongoing threat to health or safety.  Alerts may be in response to a natural disaster, such as a wildfire; an environmental hazard, such as chemical spill; or a crime, such as a robbery or sexual assault. Depending on the nature of the incident, alerts will be issued via text message, email, phone, outdoor warning system or any combination.  

These emergency alerts provide basic precautions on what individuals can do to enhance their personal safety and aid in the prevention of similar crimes.   

For more information about the AlertSU mass notification and outdoor warning system please visit the AlertSU website.