Stanford headlines for March 2012

Google Waltz Lab teaches Stanford students to think on their feet

Sea turtles surf an ocean highway to safer habitat, Stanford research suggests

Stanford researchers bring life to high school history classes with a curriculum built around historical documents

In sub-Saharan Africa, a shorter walk to water saves lives, Stanford study finds

Stanford offers more free online classes for the world

Q&A: Margot Gerritsen on the critical need for energy literacy in the US

Trans-Atlantic bond between the Keats brothers was a poetic inspiration, Stanford scholar says

Stanford's Quake-Catcher Network detects a tremor 10 seconds before the shaking reaches campus

Searsville Dam steering committee wrestling with complex issues

Silicon Valley poised to play role as Japan restructures power industry

Senate to discuss new freshman-year requirements and revisions to policies on faculty conflict of interest and outside consulting activities

Stanford Humanities Center hosts annual celebration of publications

Senate approves Thinking Matters courses as freshman requirement, strongly encourages students to take freshman seminars

Reminder: Vote in this year's Faculty Senate election!

Stanford visiting artist Ellen Lake creates a cultural paradox across decades

DuPont joins Stanford's Global Climate and Energy Project

An exploration of human and electronic sound on Stanford's CCRMA Stage

Stanford scholars deconstruct Middle East uprisings by looking at Europe's past

Stanford lectures, research examine sexuality, religion and the cosmos

Frederick E. Terman Engineering Center is gone, but not lost

Your brain is older than you think, say researchers from Stanford and the University of Chicago

Artist takes performance to new heights at Stanford biological preserve

Stanford researchers create exotic electrons that may lead to new materials, devices

Genetic analysis of ancient 'Iceman' mummy traces ancestry from Alps to Mediterranean isle

Q&A: Stanford's Hazel Markus on how college culture may affect first-generation students

Knight Management Center Awarded LEED Platinum Rating For Environmental Sustainability

Software allows users to protect personal, university data stored on mobile devices

Stanford marine biologists search for the world's strongest coral

Innovative Stanford class project turns urban studies students into filmmakers

Brook H. Byers will join Stanford's Board of Trustees in April

Early spring drives down butterfly population, Stanford study shows

Stanford robots clash in class finale

From glovebox to archive: Private collector gives huge trove of road maps to Stanford

Stanford opens research center at Peking University

Learning how to speak 'American'

Now, brought to the big screen by physicists at SLAC: the universe

Stanford researcher cooks up the courtly culture of Europe in the 1600's

Stanford engineers find elusive plasmons in tiny metal particles, a boost to nanotechnology

At Stanford forum, Christie calls long GOP primary contest 'stupid'

Stanford computer models show that small dams on Mekong River tributaries could have catastrophic impact on fish and people

Lythcott-Haims stepping down as dean of freshmen and undergraduate advising

Marsha Friberg Shinkman, former assistant director of Stanford in Washington, dead at 69

Dean Larry Kramer to leave Stanford Law School to lead Hewlett Foundation

Stanford's Global Climate and Energy Project awards $8.4 million to develop innovative energy technologies

Q&A: Stanford's Dr. Jay Bhattacharya explains what's at stake in debate over health care

Stanford economist narrows China's education gap with research, technology and policy

Interpreting an artist's intent involves a team of experts at Stanford's Cantor Arts Center

Stanford sends notification to Class of 2016