Cardinal Cogeneration Plant back to normal following disruption

Stanford Cogeneration Plant

Stanford Cogeneration Plant

The Cardinal Cogeneration Plant was back in operation Sunday evening after an electrical line was damaged during construction on Friday afternoon.

The outage occurred at approximately 3 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 17, resulting in the reduced production of chilled water and steam used to cool facilities and generate energy for other operations.

Electrical systems continued to operate as normal.

Throughout Friday afternoon and evening, repair crews attempted to restore campus chilled water generation capacity and steam capability. This required rerouting electrical systems and relying on a variety of backup systems to ensure that critical operations were not interrupted.

Ensuring that the hospitals and the School of Medicine would have sufficient chilled water and steam for their operations throughout the weekend was the highest priority. Officials also were concerned about the impact of the incident on campus units whose operations depend on cooling systems or steam, such as computer facilities and research labs.

On Friday night, campus units were asked to shut off all equipment dependent on chilled water unless that equipment was related to protecting life safety.

By Saturday, chilled water and steam capacity were partially restored and able to meet building loads, thanks to low weekend demand and curtailment of nonessential equipment in academic buildings.

Alternate electrical lines were in place around 2 p.m. on Sunday and the Ice Plant was back to its normal configuration by 3:30.

The Central Energy Facility was back in operation Sunday night.

Throughout the weekend the university and hospitals convened their emergency teams, and regular updates were posted on the university’s Emergency Information website