Stanford headlines for March 2011

Stanford students organize to help shelter the homeless

Humanities panel and trustee presentations on Thursday's senate agenda

Supreme Court posts transcript of oral arguments in Stanford v. Roche

Discoveries offer first new hope in three decades for lethal pediatric brain tumor

Stanford professor wins million-dollar Dan David Prize

U.S. premiere of Stanford composer Jonathan Berger's Memory Slips set for March 4

Study offers plan to combat growing HIV epidemic in Ukraine

The Wasps takes aim at 'Tea-Partying Right,' 'Elitist Left'

Senate discusses the ways Stanford is responding to challenges facing the humanities

Encryption leads Stanford's Martin Hellman into National Inventors Hall of Fame

No. 2 Stanford women rout Cal, 75-51, to take Pac-10 Conference title

Stanford scholar's website allows users to track the lives of authors who lived in London

Stanford researchers find that modern humans originated in southern Africa

Cornel West, Miriam Rivera discuss race, class, educational access

The search for planets around other stars - a talk at Stanford

Hip-hop and its heritage: Rennie Harris comes to Stanford

Stanford engineering professor and inventor John G. Linvill dies at 91

Bioenergy crops could lower surface temperatures, Stanford researchers say

Stanford tracking aftermath of massive Japan earthquake, tsunami

Power outage affects several buildings on west side of campus Thursday

It's time to vote for next year's Faculty Senate

Untapped crop data from Africa predicts corn peril if temperatures rise

Email, calendar outage affects 10 percent of campus

White shark census reveals rarity off California coast

Stanford researchers get unprecedented view of protein folding that may help develop brain disease therapies

Stanford historian's play about Martin Luther King to be performed in East Jerusalem and the West Bank

Stanford experts on Japan's nuclear crisis

IT Services explains email, calendar outage

Got an hour? Boost your grades. Stanford psychologists design 60-minute exercise that raises GPAs of minority students

Stanford's 'Painted Ladies': Cantor exhibition shows how the ancient world used color – and how science reveals the faded past

Campus reaches out in aftermath of Japan disaster

Stanford submits expression of interest for New York City campus

David Rumelhart, pioneer in cognitive neuroscience, dies at 68

Stanford statement on risk of radiation from Japan disaster

University advisory regarding travel in Japan

From human trafficking to endangered coral reefs: Graduate fellows take interdisciplinary approach to solving social and environmental issues

Japan will rebound, nuclear energy won't diminish, Stanford specialists say

Stanford mourns the loss of diplomat Warren Christopher, alumnus of Stanford Law School and former chair of the Board of Trustees

New Stanford Nano Center provides state-of-the-art equipment for research at the smallest of scales

Stanford librarians disappointed with ruling in Google case, but university plans to continue digitizing books

Stanford alumni returning to campus to reminisce, talk about international service in the 21st century during Peace Corps 50th Anniversary Celebration

Good vibrations: Stanford engineers put a damper on 'aeroelastic flutter'

Algae and bacteria hogged oxygen after ancient mass extinction, slowing recovery of marine life, say Stanford researchers

Secondhand smoke raises the stakes in America's casinos

High-temperature superconductor spills secret: A new phase of matter

Stanford researchers use river water and salty ocean water to generate electricity

State-mandated harassment prevention training starts this spring

Stanford gets revved about automobiles

Stanford sends notification to the Class of 2015

Stanford puts focus on China with new center at Peking University

A beginner's lecture on the theory that troubled Einstein

Researcher reflects on gender, youth, poverty in Egypt