Stanford to respond to new NYC request for proposals

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Tuesday delivered a major speech on economic development in which he announced a request for proposals for an engineering and applied sciences campus in New York City. Stanford plans to respond by the October deadline.

Stanford University said today (July 19) that it looks forward to responding by October to New York City's request for proposals (RFP) for a new campus for engineering and applied sciences.

The RFP, announced by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in a major speech about economic development on Tuesday, is the next step in an initiative unveiled in December that seeks a university, institution or consortium to develop and operate a new or expanded campus in exchange for access to city-owned land.

Bloomberg also announced that the city is prepared to offer up to $100 million in support to the selected institution or consortium.

Bloomberg hopes the initiative, called Applied Sciences NYC, will result in an engineering and applied sciences campus that will drive technology development in the city, diversify the New York City economy and generate new companies and jobs.

Earlier this year, Stanford responded to a request for expression of interest from the New York City Economic Development Corporation regarding the creation of an applied science and engineering campus.

"A Stanford New York campus is a unique opportunity to launch another center of innovation on the East Coast," said President John Hennessy. "New York will be a dynamic partner, drawing talented people from around the world. Stanford University brings its entrepreneurial culture, excellence in engineering and technology, proven track record of partnering with industry and history of successfully transferring research advances to the marketplace, such as the Google search algorithm, the Global Positioning System and advances in laser and microwave technology.

"Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City Economic Development Corporation understand that an academic partnership can broaden the city's economic base and expand its technological influence. Equally important will be developing a highly talented workforce. With more than 4,000 students enrolled in our School of Engineering, Stanford University is one of the leading educators of engineers, and we look forward to contributing to the effort to make New York another powerful engine of innovation."

Hennessy added, "Applied Sciences NYC is a big idea. Stanford has always been about big ideas."

Stanford was one of 27 institutions submitting initial expressions of interest. Cornell, Columbia, Purdue and the University of Chicago were among the other universities that submitted proposals.

Since that time, the proposed New York City center has been widely discussed throughout the campus community. For instance, it was the focus of President John Hennessy's presentation before the annual meeting of the Academic Council in April.