Stanford headlines for July 2011

Stanford robotics students show off class projects

Memorial Church offers unique wedding experience for Stanford community

Today's 'haikumania' – and the Stanford scholar who traces haiku's origins

California groundwater management trickles up from local sources, Stanford report finds

'Citizen-seismologists' sought to host tiny earthquake sensors on their computers

Small, prescribed burn July 18 at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve

Stuck in a stereotype? How psychological cues can limit black students' academic learning and success.

Emeriti Council's Autobiographical Reflections lecture series now available free on iTunes

Stanford engineers build a nanoscale device for brain-inspired computing

Male African cichlid fish go from 'zero to 60' when mating calls, Stanford researchers find

King Solomon: Stanford scholar considers how the man who had everything ended with nothing

Reminder: PG&E to hold open house July 18

Stanford freshmen to debate war ethics in 2011 'Three Books' program

Stanford researchers find that a simple change in phrasing can increase voter turnout

Bridging the innovation gap: From Latvia to Silicon Valley

Stanford hosts female students from Asia in new summer program

Stanford to respond to new NYC request for proposals

PG&E answers Stanford community members' questions at open house

From heartbreak to hope: Stanford law students help a child with emotional disabilities find a new school

Re-inventing America's urban water infrastructure

University to replace Health Net and PacifiCare with a new medical plan in 2012; offers incentive for insurance premium discount

Connie Wolf to head Cantor Center for Visual Arts at Stanford

Stanford transparent batteries: seeing straight through to the future?

East Palo Alto middle-schoolers get the Stanford treatment

'He threw in the towel': Stanford's Abbas Milani discusses Ahmadinejad's tumble

Richard Serra's mammoth 'Sequence': finally in open air and open to the public July 27

Technology Ventures Program gets $10 million NSF grant

Visitors experience Stanford through summer conferences and camps

Nanowire electronics that can be shaped to fit any surface and attach to any material developed at Stanford

Students, scholars collaborate for a new telling of Oedipus

CISAC scholar hopes to use data to fight political violence