Mountain lion tracks seen near Golf Driving Range

Evidence has been found that a mountain lion was present over the weekend in an area near the Golf Driving Range, Junipero Serra Boulevard and Campus Drive West. Fresh tracks have been seen on dirt trails leading to Lake Lagunita, on the campus side of Junipero Serra.

The foothills and open spaces in and around the campus are known mountain lion habitat.  Members of the campus community are reminded to be alert to their surroundings, particularly when walking or jogging on trails in the early morning or early evening hours.

If you see a mountain lion, do not run and do not turn your back.  Appear larger by waving your arms or a jacket or other objects above your head.  Make loud sounds and yell. Grab a stick or rock.  Keep young children close. Slowly move away while watching the animal. Attacks are very rare and most frequently the animal will go away.

If you see a mountain lion, immediately report any sightings to the university police at (650) 329-2413.