Stanford headlines for December 2011

Update on gas pipeline testing near campus

Stanford President Hennessy wins IEEE's highest honor

Opal offers fast, lasting remedy for uranium contamination at nuclear sites, say Stanford researchers

Longtime advocate for children urges Stanford audience to stand up for kids

First new dining facility in 20 years celebrates its first quarter

Chester McGlockton, Stanford football defensive assistant, dies at 42

Stanford wins NCAA women's soccer championship

Mapping underground water sources for drip irrigation could change African village life, say Stanford researchers

Stanford scientists subject rocks to hellish conditions to combat global warming

New year, new names for Stanford retirement plans

Student Affairs adds new Office of Alcohol Policy and Education

China's economic stability depends on more education, Stanford economist says

Rosemary Knight: Geophysicist, senate chair, hitchhiking advocate

Scrub carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere? Too expensive, says a Stanford researcher. Better to start with the smokestacks of coal-burning power plants

Stanford offers early admission to 755 students

Tobacco industry dying? Not so fast, says Stanford expert

Stanford offers its own take on the Occupy movement

Intensive farming is chasing away Costa Rican birds, but Stanford researchers say there's still hope for co-existence

Stanford scientists' computer models help predict tsunami risk

Study of comic books helps scholars identify cultural trends

Stanford's Board of Trustees approves sites for two new arts buildings

Stanford researchers find that pension funds for California state workers are still in peril - action needed now

Trustees approve building projects and a campus energy plan

Report of the president: Academic Council Professoriate appointments

Robert Osserman, noted Stanford mathematician, dies at 84

Stanford University reports FY 2011 financial results

Stanford University withdraws its bid for a NYC campus

Stanford expert discusses Kim Jong Il's death and what's next for North Korea

Straining the lattice: Stanford engineers improve electrical efficiency in organic semiconductors

Stanford physicist Burton Richter's moderate approach to climate change gaining fans

Stanford team answers questions about NYC proposal, process and withdrawal

Stanford archaeologist questions the role of human rights in site preservation