Stanford headlines for August 2011

Stanford psychologists find that jokes help us cope with horrifying images

'The war will never end': Saddam's regime in Hoover Institution archives

Ditch the cookbook: Stanford's biology pilot project shows benefits from nontraditional lab class

High school students defy expectations through Stanford College Prep experience

Stanford economist: How do we 'get off this path of deficits as far as the eye can see?'

Stanford researcher explores whether language is the only way to represent numbers

Small poetry press founded by Stanford lecturer garners critical attention

PG&E to begin work today

Stanford's Cantor Arts Center spotlights six millennia of African art

Stanford scholars examine gap between America's civil, military societies

Abraham Verghese in, football out, at this year's New Student Orientation

Stanford economist predicts 'large, short-run recession'

Powered by the sun and Stanford ingenuity

Scientists must leave the ivory tower and become advocates, or civilization is endangered, says Stanford biologist Paul Ehrlich

Wall Street rollercoaster: Stanford expert tries to make sense of a careening marketplace

Resident advisers and ResEd staff collaborate on creation of new RA class

Blink of an eye: Stanford researchers are redefining how the brain plans movement

Hone computer skills, learn new ones at Third Annual Techie Festival

Faster organic semiconductors for flexible displays can be developed quickly with new method, say Stanford researchers

Free computer science courses, new teaching technology reinvent online education

Students of all ages practice lifelong learning at Stanford Continuing Studies

Parasite uses the power of sexual attraction to trick rats into becoming cat food

Hoover's Soviet-era posters join acclaimed exhibit at Art Institute of Chicago

New method detects emerging sunspots deep inside the sun, provides warning of dangerous solar flares, say Stanford researchers

Lee Schipper, dedicated to energy efficiency and environment, dies at 64

See the new sights on campus with this self-guided tour

What happens next in Libya? Stanford expert weighs outcomes

Stanford students, fresh off the Farm and going global

Board of Trustees welcomes two new members

Stanford center in D.C. fine following East Coast quake

Stanford geophysicist offers insight into the Virginia earthquake

Stanford archive shows origins of Martin Luther King's 1963 'I have a dream' speech

Vintage racecars reveal new insights into man and machine

Preserving 4 percent of the ocean could protect most marine mammal species, study finds

Pawn, a musical written, produced and starring Stanford students

Record of Steve Jobs' early career lies boxed in Stanford University's Silicon Valley Archives

Social media adds new dimension to alumni experience

Extracting natural gas from shale can be done in an environmentally responsible way, says Stanford researcher on government panel

Stanford experts: how 9/11 has changed the world

Trails issue may be nearing resolution