Graduates honored with 2010 Golden, Firestone medals, and Kennedy prizes

Forty-three students received the awards and prizes during Commencement weekend.

A ceremony was held last week for 11 graduating students who were awarded the Robert M. Golden Medal for Excellence in the Humanities and Creative Arts and 32 students who were awarded the Firestone Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research. Four of the students also won the David M. Kennedy Honors Thesis Prize.

The ceremony, which was hosted by Julie Lythcott-Haims, associate vice provost for undergraduate education, and the dean of freshmen and undergraduate advising, was held on June 12 in Paul Brest Hall at the Munger Graduate Residence.

The Firestone Medal is awarded to graduating seniors for honors projects in engineering, and in the social, physical and natural sciences.

The Golden Medal is awarded to graduating students for honors projects in the humanities or creative projects in the fine arts.

The Kennedy Prize is awarded to graduating students who have written outstanding honors theses in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering. Students who receive the award have accomplished significantly advanced research in the field and have shown strong potential for publication in peer-reviewed scholarly works.

Following is a list of the awardees, their majors, honors projects and faculty sponsors:

Robert M. Golden Medal for Excellence in the Humanities and Creative Arts

Josh Archibald-Seiffer, music; "Piano Trio"; Mark Applebaum, music.

Elizabeth Grace Davis, art and art history; "The Embodied Eye. Phenomenology, Photography and the Mosaics of Cappella Palatina"; Bissera Pentcheva and Bryan Wolf, art and art history.

Harrison Jett Fein, art and art history; "Creative Work in Art and Art History"; Morten Steen Hansen, art and art history.

Richard Futrell, linguistics; "German Noun Class as a Nominal Protection Device"; Dan Jurafsky, linguistics and Michael Ramscar, psychology.

Amanda Gelender, drama; "Through the Lens of an American: The Ethics and Politics of 'My Name is Rachel Corrie'"; Jisha Menon and Maurice Rehm, drama.

María Helga Gudmundsdóttir, Division of Literatures, Cultures and Languages; "Die Entschleierung des Dichters: Theorien der Dichtung und die Metapher des Verschleierten Bilds zu Sais in den Werken von Schiller, Novalis und Goethe"; Márton Dornbach and Charitini Douvaldzi, German studies.

Ashley Lau, interdisciplinary studies in humanities; "Reality and Artifice on a Dual Plane of Time: First-Personal Narration and the Problem of Parallelism in Thomas Mann's Doctor Faustus"; Adrien Daub and Márton Dornbach, German studies.

Kirsty Lawson, history; "Behind Closed Doors: The Public Role of Alchemical Secrets in the Ashmolean Museum"; Jessica Riskin, history.

Nimi Mastey, feminist studies; "I Was, I Am"; Valerie Miner, feminist studies.

Trent Walker, religious studies; "Quaking and Clarity: Samvega and Pasada in Cambodian Dharma Songs"; Paul Harrison and Linda Hess, religious studies.

Esther Yu, English; "From Judgment to Interpretation: Eighteenth-Century Critics of Milton's Paradise Lost"; Blair Hoxby, English.

Firestone Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Jamie Brett, biology; "Function and Regulation of miR-106b~25 in Adult Neural Stem Cells"; Anne Brunet, genetics.

Cara Brook, Goldman Interschool Honors Program in Environmental Science, Technology and Policy; "The Synanthropizatic Raven: Anthropogenic Resource Availability and the Invasion of Corvus corax in Yosemite National Park"; Donald Kennedy and Elizabeth Hadly, biology.

Evan Chen, human biology; "Investigating the Mechanism of Differentiation in Hepatocellular Carcinoma upon MYC Inactivation"; Dean Felsher, medicine/oncology, and Paul Fisher, medicine.

Yo-Yo Shuang Chen, education; "The Academic Engagement of Children of Migrant Workers in China"; Jennifer Adams, education.

Charishma Chotalia, psychology; "Perceptions of Why Women Stay in Abusive Relationships in an Indian Context"; Hazel Markus and Jeffrey Wine, psychology.

Carolyn Forstein, international relations; "A Slow Road to Justice: The Search for Rule of Law in Post-Soviet Russia"; Kathryn Stoner-Weiss, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies.

Patrick Gallagher, physics; "Electronic Transport in Graphene Nanoribbons and Topological Insulators"; David Goldhaber-Gordon and Aharon Kapitulnik, physics.

Greg Gaskin, science, technology and society; "Embracing Complexity: Using Qualitative Research Methodology to Understand the Process of Implementing a Hybrid Personal Health Record in a Hospital Setting"; Amar Das, medicine, and Rebecca Slayton, science, technology and society.

Cynthia He, biology; "Effects of Zinc Deuteroporphyrin Bis Glycol on the Inhibition of Heme Oxygenase Activity and on Heme Oxygenase-1 Gene Expression in Heme-Loaded Newborn Mice"; David Stevenson and Ronald Wong, pediatrics.

Sally Hudson, economics; "The Effects of Performance-Based Teacher Pay on Student Achievement;" Caroline Hoxby, economics.

Ashley Lau, biology; "Evaluation of the Efficacy of Site-Specific Integrating Recombinant AAV Vectors for Gene Therapy Methods"; Mark Kay, pediatrics and genetics.

Stephanie Majerowicz, political science; "Voting for Peace: The Effect of Counterinsurgency Strategy in Civil War"; James Fearon, political science.

Stephen Monroe, international relations; "Salafis in Parliament: Party Politics and Democratic Attitudes in the Gulf"; Larry Diamond, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies.

Paloma Ochi, communication; "Multidimensional Design Strategies for Web Recommender Systems: How Grouping Approaches for Generating Product Recommendations Affect User Responses"; Clifford Nass, communication.

Ramya Parameswaran, chemical engineering; "Generation of a Conditional Mouse Model of Bmi-1 Overexpression"; Dean Felsher, medicine/oncology, and Clifford Wang, chemical engineering.

Sarah Penney, Goldman Honors Program; "Vehicle Electrification: The Economic and Environmental Consequences of Personal Vehicle Use"; James Sweeney, management science and engineering, and Donald Kennedy, biology.

Leon J. No'eau Peralto, anthropology; "Hao Ko'ala ka 'ino a ke A'eloa: (Re)membering Ahupua'a-based Malama 'aina in Kuka'iau & Koholalele on the Island of Hawai'i"; Michael Wilcox, anthropology, and Peter Vitousek, biology.

Geeta Persad, geophysics; "The Global Tropical Response to Black Carbon: Implications for Climate Forcing"; Yi Ming, physics.

Cameron Pitt, biology; "Exploration of No Tail-Dependent Genes and Their Roles in Notochord Differentiation"; James Chen, chemical and systems biology.

Lauren Ponisio, biology; "The Effect of Livestock Grazing on the Population and Pollination Dynamics of a Montane Butterfly, Speyeria mormonia (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae)"; Carol Boggs, biology.

Allison Rhines, human biology; "Social Network Effects in Cultural Evolution Among Rural-Urban Migrants in China"; Marcus Feldman, biology, and Melissa Brown, anthropology.

Emilie Russler, biology; "Lineage and Intersectional Analyses of Drosophila melanogaster Olfactory Projection Neurons Using the Q-System"; Liqun Luo, biology.

Viviana Salinas-Rios, biology; "Transcription in Triplet Nucleotide Repeat DNA: Role in Human Genetic Disease"; Philip Hanawalt, biology.

Lauren Shapiro, human biology; "Isotropic MRI of the Healthy Shoulder with 3D-FSE-Cube: Preliminary Study"; Garry Gold, radiology, and Gordon Matheson, orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine.

Yakov Shlapentokh-Rothman, mathematics; "An Asymptotic Faber-Krahn Inequality for the Combinatorial Laplacian on Z2 "; Rafe Mazzeo, mathematics.

Justin Solomon, computer science; "Discrete Killing Fields for Pattern Synthesis and Symmetry Detection"; Leonidas Guibas, computer science.

Sam Stone, Center for International Security and Cooperation; "Gas & Geopolitics: The Foreign Policy Implications of Energy Import Dependency"; Coit Blacker and Stephen Stedman, political science.

Henry Tsai, comparative studies in race and ethnicity; "IN(DI)VISIBLE: New Orleans Vietnamese American Youth Responses to Hurricane Katrina"; Gordon Chang, history, and Andrea Lunsford, English.

Peter Tu, economics; "Winner's Curse and the Competitive Effect: Measuring Competition in the Viatical Settlement Market"; Jay Bhattacharya, economics.

Lauren Wood, human biology; "Learning in Fish: Why Such Different Outcomes?"; Russell Fernald, biology, and Julie Desjardins, biology.

Christopher Young, engineering physics; "The Stanford Diverging Cusped Field Thruster: Design, Construction and Initial Testing"; Mark Cappelli, mechanical engineering.

Alison Zarrow, sociology; "Do Downtowns Matter: A Case Study of Dispersing 'Civic Fauna' in Tulsa, Oklahoma"; Michael Rosenfeld, sociology.

David M. Kennedy Honors Thesis Prize

Yo-Yo Shuang Chen, School of Education; Geeta Persad, geophysics; Yakov Shlapentokh-Rothman, mathematics; and Trent Walker, religious studies.