Stanford headlines for the week of February 15, 2010

Top Obama advisor to deliver 2010 Drake Lecture

Former Stanford photography curator Anita V. Mozley dies at 81

Isaac Babel's Stanford biographer explores the Russian writer's world of violence, irony

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Finding fresh fruits and veggies

Stanford study finds secondhand smoke pervasive in California's Indian casinos

Faculty Senate to meet Thursday

Cantor Arts Center stages first-ever U.S. exhibition to spotlight 'national treasures' of 20th-century China

Deep in ancient seafloor sediments off Antarctica, Stanford researchers find insight into past – and possible future – climates

Stiff party competition, modest salaries good for state government, Stanford researcher says

Memorial service and reception for Jennifer Westerlind open to all

Two Stanford scholars elected to National Academy of Engineering

Faculty Senate gets 'schooled' on Stanford's independent research entities

In reality, simulation is key to math education, says Stanford mathematician

Stanford software is gaining the sophistication to comprehend what humans write

Journalist and academic Mark Danner to deliver Stanford's 2010 Tanner Lectures, with focus on torture

Stanford scholar links Rome and America in Philadelphia exhibition

Campus groups raising funds for visiting researcher who died after campus bike crash

AAAS 2010 Annual Meeting, San Diego, Feb. 18-22: Presentations by Stanford speakers

Global warming could hurt some poor populations and lift others from poverty, Stanford study finds

Stanford's Hank Greely puts neuroscience on trial

Nanotechnology sparks energy storage on paper and cloth

New insights into helping marine species cope with climate change

International visitors to get an inside look at teacher education program