Stanford headlines for April 2010

Stanford's Santiago center in 'good shape' after earthquake

Nanoscale 'stealth' probe slides into cell walls seamlessly, say Stanford engineers

Cardinal fans rally as the women's basketball team heads to NCAA Final Four

German chancellor to speak at Stanford on April 15

Web and mobile apps come under review on new Stanford site

Professors with guitars sing the classics, as in The Epic of Gilgamesh

Stanford holds off Oklahoma, advances to national championship

Stanford's David Holloway weighs in on U.S.-Russian nuclear treaty slated for signing this week

California state pension funds going broke, Stanford study finds

Early Earth stayed warm because its ocean absorbed more sunlight; greenhouse gases were not involved, Stanford researchers say

Business School mourns death of MBA student Roanak Desai

Vaden announces change in Cardinal Care requirement for international students

Number of postdocs on campus sets a record

Former Irish president to speak at Stanford

From a POW camp to Berlin to Stanford: an avant-garde director's career

Stanford researchers focus on social networks to curb spread of disease

Bill Gates to speak at Stanford on April 19

Stanford Eastern Europe scholar: Despite catastrophe, 'Poland will survive'

Stanford Vehicle Showcase: It's electric!

John Bravman, vice provost for undergraduate education, to lead Bucknell University

Antifungal medicine shown to slow tumor growth in mice study

Stanford's Abbas Milani: Democracy is solution to Iranian nuclear impasse

Plant pathogen genetically tailors attacks to each part of its host, say Stanford researchers

Stanford researchers find electrical current stemming from plants

The world needs a 'shared view' of human rights, says Ireland's former president

Annual report on faculty on Thursday's Senate agenda

Pritzker family pledges $10 million to Stanford University to maintain access for needy Chicago students

Peck discusses salary program for FY11

Stanford student selected as 2010 Truman Scholar

Stanford workshop examines video revolution's impact on journalism, government, education and business

Journalist Mark Danner discusses 'torture and the forever war'

In Stanford visit, Angela Merkel stresses international cooperation, lauds technological research

Vice Provost Patricia Jones to return to teaching

Robots take center stage at Stanford event

Stanford issues habitat conservation plan

University hopes to get extension of charter for its East Palo Alto schools

Bill Gates pushes students to focus on the 'important problems'

Frankenstein returns to life in 'Spark of Being'

Former Hopkins Marine Station Director John Phillips dead at 84

This year's Academic Council meeting will be a moving experience

Scholars explore how memories of loss help communities recover from tragedy

Stanford parallel programming course available online for free

Weekend for students admitted to the Class of 2014 begins today

Stanford's solar observer sees the sun in high definition

Stanford expert says volcano danger to airliners hard to predict

Panel discussion to focus on intellectual repression

Stanford hosts United Nations Foundation board members

Ravenswood school board extends Stanford New Schools charter

Campus rolls out the Cardinal carpet for prospective freshmen

Howard R. Williams, Stanford oil and gas law expert, dead at 94

Stanford scientists link ocean acidification to prehistoric mass extinction

A new home for design at Stanford

Faculty Senate to meet Thursday

Stanford provides a healthy outlook with annual Wellness Fair

Office of Technology Licensing celebrates 40 years and 8,000 inventions

Five faculty elected to National Academy of Sciences

Report of the President: Academic Council professoriate appointments

Aboriginal hunting and burning increase Australia's desert biodiversity, Stanford researchers find

How Jews used 'creative resistance' to oppose the Nazis

Twelve more students will earn DARE doctoral fellowships in 2011