Thirty-seven graduate students chosen for teaching assistant awards

At an awards ceremony held in the Faculty Club last week, 37 graduate students were honored with Centennial Teaching Assistant Awards for outstanding teaching in three schools: Humanities and Sciences, Earth Sciences and Engineering.

The awards were presented to the graduate students last Saturday by Richard Saller, dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences; Pamela Matson, dean of the School of Earth Sciences; and James Plummer; dean of the School of Engineering.

The award program, now in its 20th year, acknowledges and celebrates the important role that teaching assistants play at Stanford. Each recipient receives a certificate and a $500 prize.

Each year, the university's Center for Teaching and Learning invites half of the departments in the School of Humanities and Sciences to nominate teaching assistants for the award. All of the departments in Earth Sciences and in Engineering are eligible to nominate candidates every year. This year's winners follow:

School of Humanities and Sciences

Anthropology: Jesse Davie-Kessler, Kylea Liese

Asian Languages: Jingxia Lin, Joanna Sturiano

Biology: Jessica Blois, Ryan Gutierrez

Communication: Daniel Kriess

Drama: Ciara Murphy

Economics: Ned Augenblick, Ryan Lampe, Yaniv Yedid-Levi

English: Brianne Bilsky, Becky Richardson, Ryan Zurowski

History: Kari Zimmerman

Human Biology: Thomas McFadden, Isabel Shelton-Mottsmith

Iberian and Latin American Cultures: Cynthia Malik, William Viestenz

Linguistics: Lauren Hall-Lew

Mathematics: David Ayala, Robin Koytcheff, Eric Malm

Religious Studies: Noreen Khawaja

Statistics: Kshitij Khare

School of Earth Sciences

Earth Systems Program: Benjamin John Graves, Samantha J. Staley

Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources: Adam Millard-Ball

Energy Resources Engineering: Saman Afqahi Aryana

Environmental Earth System Science: Lida Tenkova Teneva

Geological and Environmental Sciences: Betsy Hale Madden

Geophysics: Hiroki Sone

School of Engineering

Bioengineering: Sarah Moore

Electrical Engineering: Catherine Chang

Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering: Sivaram Ambikasaran

Materials Science and Engineering: Craig Peters

Mechanical Engineering: Genny Pang