Graduates honored with 2009 Golden, Firestone medals, and Kennedy prizes

Thirty-four students were recognized last week with the Robert M. Golden Medal for Excellence in the Humanities and Creative Arts or the Firestone Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research. Four of the graduating students also were awarded the David M. Kennedy Honors Thesis Prize; two received special mention for the Kennedy Prize.

The ceremony, which was hosted by Harry Elam Jr., senior associate vice provost for undergraduate education at Stanford, was held last Saturday in Kresge Auditorium during Commencement Weekend.

The Golden Medal is awarded to graduating students for honors projects in the humanities or creative projects in the fine arts.

The Firestone Medal is awarded to graduating students for honors projects in engineering and the social, physical and natural sciences.

The Kennedy Prize is awarded annually to graduating students who have written outstanding honors theses in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences or engineering. Recipients of this award have accomplished significantly advanced research in the field and have shown strong potential for publication in peer-reviewed scholarly works.

Following is a list of the awardees, their majors, honors projects and faculty sponsors:

Robert M. Golden Medal for Excellence in the Humanities and Creative Arts

Kathryn Marie Frank, comparative studies in race and ethnicity; "Drawn In, Drawn Out: Graphic Novels as a Site for Alternative Representation"; Stephen Sohn and Andrea Lunsford, English.

Elia Herrera, Division of Literatures, Cultures and Languages; "Storytelling into Existence: A Comparative Approach to Beur and Chicana/o Literature"; Paula Moya, English, and Ramon Saldivar, comparative literature.

Meryl Holt, American studies; "Through the Lens of Time: An Analysis of Henry Luce, Time Magazine and U.S.-China Relations"; Barton Bernstein and Gordon Chang, history.

Jacob Horowitz, history; "The Rogers Plan of 1969: The Making and Shaping of U.S. Foreign Policy in the Arab-Israeli Conflict"; Joel Beinin and Jack Rakove, history.

David Israelachvili, interdisciplinary studies in humanities; "Radical Psychoanalysis, Critical Theory and the Search for a Sane Society: The Fromm-Marcuse Debate Reconsidered"; Paul Robinson, history, and Russell Berman, German studies.

Alexander Whitlyn Jacobs, English; "A New History of the Dividing Line"; Gavin Jones, English.

Janet Hyojeong Kim, feminist studies; "Heritability: A Novel"; Elizabeth Tallent, English.

Katherine Meadows, philosophy; "The Psychology of the Pyrrhonian Skeptic"; Chris Bobonich and Krista Lawlor, philosophy.

William Sherman, religious studies; "Inscribing the Divine Language, Text and Knowledge in Ibn-al-'Fusus al-Hikam and Nicholas of Cusa's De visione Dei"; Shahzad Bashir, religious studies, and Robert Gregg, Abassi Program in Islamic Studies.

Emily Yang Yu, music; "Senior Conducting Recital"; Stephen Sano, music.

Firestone Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Eleri Cousins, archaeology; "Religion, Use of Landscape and Community Formation on the Frontiers of Roman Britain"; Jennifer Trimble, classics, and Ian Hodder, anthropology.

Connie Dang, ethics in society; "Women and Human Rights: Toward a Conception That is Both Tolerant and Critical"; Josh Cohen and Avia Pasternak, political science.

Stefanie Demong, urban studies; "I'm a Better Human Being: Exploring Family Adjustment to Autism"; S. Lochlann Jain, anthropology.

Andrew Ehrich, civil and environmental engineering; "Digging Deeply, Seeing Broadly: An Integrated Design Process for the Built Environment"; John Haymaker, civil and environmental engineering; Donald Kennedy, biology; and Rosamond Naylor, environmental earth systems.

Jane Esberg, Center for International Security and Cooperation; "Regimes of Terror: The Relationship Between Democracy and Terrorism in Chile"; Kenneth Schultz, political science.

David Germain, biology; "Polarized Transport of Dishevelled During Planar Cell Polarity Acquisition"; Jeffrey Axelrod, pathology, and Michael Simon, biology.

Sean Hart, physics; "Quasiparticle Transport and Phase Separation in Transition Edge Sensors"; Blas Cabrera and Betty Young, physics.

Daniel Karp, biology; "Sound the Stressor: Effects of Ecotourist Conversation on Rainforest Birds"; Terry Root, Woods Institute for the Environment, and Rodolfo Dirzo, biology.

Max Kleiman-Weiner, biology; "Synergistic Roles of GABAa Receptors and SK Channels in Regulating Thalamocortical Oscillations"; John Huguenard, neurology and neurological sciences.

Gabriel Kohan, international relations; "Israeli Government Reactions to Terrorist Attacks: A Time Series Analysis of the Oslo Process, 1993-2001"; James Fearon, political science.

Daniel Le, mathematics; "Products of Crystals"; Daniel Bump, mathematics.

Sergey Levine, computer science; "Body Language Animation Synthesis from Prosody"; Vladlen Koltun and Christian Theobalt, computer science.

Bria Long, human biology; "The Role of Language in Eyewitness Memory: Remembering Who Did It in English and Japanese"; Lera Boroditsky and Herbert Clark, psychology.

Conrad Miller, economics; "Teacher Sorting and Own-Race Teacher Effects in Elementary School"; Caroline Hoxby, economics.

Irina Oberman, international relations; "The Great Democratic Divide: Explaining the Diverging Democratic Paths of Russia and Ukraine"; Kathryn Stoner-Weiss, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies.

Sonia Poltoratski, psychology; "A Behavioral and Neural Exploration of Congenital Prosopagnosia"; Kalanit Grill-Spector, psychology.

Igor Popov, economics; "The Behavioral Effects of Defaults on 401(k) Choice"; B. Douglas Bernheim, economics.

Andrew Rominger, biology; "Both Neutral and Deterministic Processes Drive Community Structure: Tests and Predictions from an Aridland Grasshopper Community"; Elizabeth Hadly, biology, and Rodolfo Dirzo, biology.

Anna Schapiro, symbolic systems; "A Connectionist Model of a Continuous Developmental Transition in the Balance Scale Task"; James McClelland and Anthony Wagner, psychology.

Anuradha Sivaram, Goldman Interschool Honors Program in Environmental Science, Technology and Policy; "An Analysis of the Distribution and Efficiency of Effects of Taxes and Quotas on the Clean Development Mechanism"; Donald Kennedy, biology, and Lawrence Goulder, economics.

Lauren Smith, human biology; "Interferon Treatment of Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever"; Robert Siegel, microbiology and immunology, and Katherine Preston, human biology.

Matthew Sun, biology; "Investigation of the Mechanisms Underlying the Inhibition of RGC Axon Outgrowth by Sulfatide"; Ben Barres, neurobiology, and Susan McConnell, biology.

Cheuk Tam, human biology; "Dissecting a Cellular Timer: A Screen for Genes Involved in Drosophila melanogaster TA Cell Counting"; Margaret Fuller and Roeland Nusse, developmental biology.

Nicole Yang, chemical engineering; "Activity-Dependent Synthesis of αCaMKII in Hippocampal Neurons: An Exploration of Mechanisms"; Richard Tsien, molecular and cellular physiology, and Chaitan Khosla, chemical engineering.

Kennedy Prize

Andrew Ehrich, engineering; Jacob Horowitz, humanities; Andrew Rominger, natural sciences; Gabriel Kohan, social sciences.

Kennedy Prize Special Mention

Igor Popov, social sciences; Katherine Meadows, humanities.