Oversight committee on student mental health named

Greg Boardman, vice provost for student affairs, and Ira Friedman, director of Vaden Health Center, will serve as co-chairs of a committee that will monitor the university's progress implementing the recommendations of the Student Mental Health and Well-Being Task Force.

The task force released its report, which contained 18 recommendations, last October.

Ralph Castro, manager of the Substance Abuse Prevention Program at Vaden, will serve as project manager of the 14-member committee. The other members are:

  • Ron Albucher, director of counseling and psychological services at Vaden Health Center;

  • Sally Dickson, associate vice provost for student affairs;

  • Jonny Dorsey, president, Associated Students of Stanford University;

  • Harry Elam, senior associate vice provost for undergraduate education, professor of drama;

  • Christine Griffith, associate vice provost for student affairs;

  • Peter Kao, resident fellow, associate professor of pulmonary and critical care medicine;

  • Julie Kennedy, senior lecturer, Earth Systems Program;

  • Hanna Muenke, graduate student representative (Psychology);

  • Mirra Schwartz, undergraduate student representative (English and Psychology);

  • Sheri Sheppard, associate vice provost for graduate education, professor of mechanical engineering; and

  • C. Barr Taylor, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences.