Stanford admits 689 early applicants

Stanford University was more selective than ever in its early admission program this year, accepting only 689 of 5,363 applicants to the Class of 2013, the Office of Undergraduate Admission announced today.

The number of early applications was the highest in the university's history.

Students who apply through Stanford's early admission program, called restrictive early action, may consider all of their college options before responding to Stanford but must agree not to apply to other colleges or universities under any other early program.

Meanwhile, more than 25,000 students are expected to apply to Stanford by Jan. 1 through the regular admission process.

"The competition for admission to Stanford this year will be unrivaled," said Richard Shaw, dean of admission and financial aid. "Because students have accepted our recent offers of admission at unprecedented rates, we have been conservative in making decisions this year. As a result, we expect the overall admit rate to be lower than 9 percent, the lowest rate in Stanford's history. Our applicant pool is now a robust international one, and those who ultimately made the cut are distinguished on a worldwide scale."

Shaw added: "Stanford's new financial aid programs, which provide tuition-free assistance to those families who make below $100,000 a year (and have typical assets of such families), should enable every one of those students who have been offered admission, to attend Stanford in the fall."

Stanford ranks among the top 10 private universities in the nation enrolling students from the lowest socio-economic backgrounds.