Stanford headlines for the week of January 7, 2009

Blood scanner detects even faint indicators of cancer

New Cantor exhibition focuses on African acquisitions

Stanford researchers investigate how plants adapt to climate

Project to develop conservation software

Alumna Rosemary Cross Hornby dies

Brain-boosting drugs OK for healthy adults, says Greely

Wind, water and sun beat other energy alternatives, study finds

Celebrating the man who invented the mouse

Robert Zajonc, pioneer of social psychology, dies at 85

California crops at risk, say Stanford researchers

Stanford makes organizational changes

Continuing Studies courses begin week of Jan. 12

Stanford admits 689 early applicants

Stanford celebrates as Milton turns 400

Heather Wimmer, director of athletics investment fund, dead at 47

Reforestation helped trigger Little Ice Age, researchers say

Munger residence nears completion; other projects move forward

Yoko Ono to speak at Stanford

Life on Earth got bigger in two, million-fold leaps

Six Stanford scholars named AAAS fellows

Entrepreneurship program wins recognition

Celebrations honor Martin Luther King Jr.

Provost discusses budget challenges

To close budget gap, university should consider deficit spending

Oversight committee on student mental health named

University reports fiscal year 2008 financial results

Honors & Awards

Campus emergency siren system to be installed

Resident fellow Thom Massey, champion of multicultural education, dies at 61

With clock ticking, surgery saves mother and child

Too much screen time undermines doctor-patient relations

Blau wins grant from state stem cell agency

Body dissection photos reveal hidden beauty

Scientists identify new kind of stem cell found in testes

Cancer shown to have 'relocation' plan for metastasizing

Researchers create first functional stem cell niche

Soaring or snoring? Fruit fly's immune system responds differently when asleep

Escape from mouse trap: Immunologist calls for more research on humans

Neuroscience scholar Parvathy Saravanapavan dies at 38

Medical center people

Report of the President to the Board of Trustees


Ph.D. Orals

Stanford appoints full-time doctor for work-related injuries

Cardinal Chronicle