Stanford headlines for the week of February 25, 2009

Hands-on science takes root in high school’s backyard

Exxon chief praises energy research

Russia expert appointed to national security post

Female, minority physical scientists needed to maintain U.S. edge

Coasts catch fish farming’s dirty drift

Stereotype threat harms female, minority performance

Nuclear is going worldwide, but U.S. is not in the game

Changes to employee retirement plans

Letter to the editor: To defend humanities, call on scientists and engineers, too

Late art historian deserves mention for helping develop Rodin collection

'Love's Labor's Lost' at Stanford

Honors & Awards

Stanford named top fundraiser

Three Stanford researchers awarded Sloan Fellowships

Undergraduate expansion plan shelved

'Historical consciousness' can be double-edged sword, historian says

Scientists address climate change

Reversing ecology reveals ancient environments

Patients' genetic profiles could prevent fatal doses of common drug

New immune system 'atlas' allows quicker diagnosis of kidney transplant rejection

Stanford Hospital ranks No. 1 in general surgery

Study shows benefits of purified blood stem cells for leukemia and lymphoma

Vaccines don't cause autism: Can we move on now?

Media monitor

Stem cells say 'cheese?' Contest for science photos

Medical center people

Workshops to assist employees through organizational change

Faculty Senate minutes - February 19, 2009 meeting

Voting for new Faculty Senate to begin

Memorial Resolution: Holt Ashley

Memorial Resolution: Donald Baganoff

Memorial Resolution: William A. Lyell


Ph.D. Orals

Diversity award debuts; Dinkelspiel, Cuthbertson, Gores return

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