Dickson named adviser on campus life

Sally Dickson

Sally Dickson

Sally Dickson, an associate vice provost for student affairs who has worked at Stanford for nearly two decades, was recently named adviser to the president on campus life.

In the post, Dickson, who will retain her position in student affairs, will advise President John Hennessy on ways to improve workplace life for staff. She also joined Stanford's cabinet.

Dickson will be available to discuss work-related problems with staff members, to offer them guidance and to identify the resources available on campus—people, offices and programs—to help them address those concerns.

"If someone believes they're being treated unfairly, if an employee wants to know how to address concerns that have been raised about job performance, or if someone has been offended by a comment they heard in the office, I can help them think through the problem and figure out ways to address it," she said.

Currently, Stanford employs about 10,000 people.

Dickson will also consult with top university administrators, such as Diane Peck, vice president for human resources, and Rosan Gomperts, director of the Faculty and Staff Help Center, to get their perspectives on key staff issues on campus.

"When I see there are issues that need to be brought to the attention of the president and other members of the cabinet, I will do so," Dickson said, adding that she may also take part in special projects related to improving workplace life.

Dickson, who was named to the post March 1, arrived at Stanford in 1987. She left in 1999 for a position at Duke University, and returned in 2003 as associate vice provost for faculty development. She joined the student affairs staff in October 2007.