Hoover Institution announces National Fellows for 2008-09

The Hoover Institution has named its postdoctoral W. Glenn Campbell and Rita Ricardo-Campbell National Fellows for the 2008-09 academic year.

The 37-year-old program aims to let the fellows enhance their professional careers by completing an original, significant research project at Hoover. There is no stipend.

This year's participants, affiliations and projects are:

Stefania Albanesi, Department of Economics, Columbia University. "Households, Policy and Macroeconomic Aggregates: Positive and Normative Perspectives."

Michael Altfeld, U.S. Army Staff (ret.). "Rethinking Nuclear Weapons."

John Ciorciari, Asia-Pacific Research Center, Stanford University. "Indian and Japanese Alignment Responses to the Rise of China."

Enrico Colombatto, Department of Economics, University of Turin. "An Evolutionary Approach to the Moral Foundations of the Social Contract and Policy Making."

Mvemba Dizolele, independent journalist specializing in U.S. Africa policy. "Mobutu: The Rise and Fall of the Leopard King."

Mark Harrison, Department of Economics, University of Warwick. "Dictatorship and Secrecy."

James Heinzen, Department of History, Rowan University. "Official Crime, Politics and 'The Art of the Bribe' in the Postwar USSR."

Jonathan Herzog, Department of History, Stanford University. "Cold War as Holy War."

Kimuli Kasara, Department of Political Science, Columbia University. "Migration and Ethnicity in Kenya."

Amichai Magen, Law School, Stanford University. "National Security, the Rule of Law and Its Promotion Abroad" and "The Jewish Republic: Replacing Israel's Socialist Roots with a Market-Based Civic Society."

Guido Menzio, Department of Economics, University of Pennsylvania. "Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy and Unemployment Dynamics."

Francisco Monaldi, International Center on Energy and the Environment, Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración; Department of Economics, Universidad Católica Andrés Bello. "The Political Economy of Expropriation and Contract Renegotiation in the Oil Industry: Latin America and Other Regions."

Michael Ostrovsky, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University. "Mutual Fund Proxy Voting."

Norman Schofield, Department of Economics and Department of Political Science, Washington University. "The Political Economy of Democracy and Autocracy."

Joshua Teitelbaum, Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Tel Aviv University. "Tribe, State and Jihad: The Saudi Arabian National Guard and National Identity in Saudi Arabia."

Todd Zywicki, School of Law, George Mason University. "Bankruptcy and Personal Responsibility: Consumer Bankruptcy and Consumer Credit in the 21st Century."