Stanford headlines for the week of June 18, 2008

Telescope blasts into orbit in search of clues to how universe works

Oprah Winfrey addresses Stanford Class of 2008

Gomes cites Dr. Seuss, Aristotle, Red Queen in Baccalaureate speech

Oprah talks to graduates about feelings, failure and finding happiness

Stanford on YouTube debuts with video of Oprah’s speech

In speech, Rev. Peter Gomes exhorts ‘virtue of failure’

New grants to fund research in ‘sustainable built environment’

In speech, Fischer likens life to giant jigsaw puzzle

Cell phone laws to take effect starting on July 1

Saddam Hussein’s papers, along with controversy, find a temporary home with the Hoover Institution

This picture is worth a thousand experts, in the art world

Screening older adults for HIV found cost-effective

Transplant surgeon gives annual Shumway lecture

Cantor Arts Center invites blood donations at exhibit

Researchers use math to predict how fast cells move

Medical center people

Dake returning to Stanford to direct cardiac catheterization and angiography lab

Graduation 2008: Support basic science to solve medical challenges, Kornberg tells grads

Faculty senate meets today on faculty, diversity

Class Day speaker says discovery is critical to personal and planetary future

Darwin a good example for us all, Durham says in Class Day address

Report of the President to the Board of Trustees

Memorial Resolution: Fernando Alegría


Memorial Resolution: David D. Perkins

Faculty Senate minutes - June 12, 2008 meeting

Ph.D. Orals

President’s introduction of Oprah, congratulations to Class of 2008

Cardinal Chronicle