Graduates honored with 2008 Firestone, Golden medals, and new Kennedy Prize

Forty-five students were recognized last month with the Firestone Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research or the Robert M. Golden Medal for Excellence in the Humanities and Creative Arts. Five of the honorees also were awarded the David M. Kennedy Honors Thesis Prize, which was presented for the first time this year.

The Firestone Medal is awarded to graduating students for honors projects in engineering and the social, physical and natural sciences. The Golden Medal is awarded to graduating students for honors projects in the humanities or creative projects in the arts.

The Kennedy Prize was established in recognition of history Professor David M. Kennedy's longstanding mentoring of undergraduate writers and his retirement from active teaching. The prize is awarded to graduating students who have written outstanding honors theses in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences or engineering. The recipients have accomplished significantly advanced research in their fields and have shown strong potential for publication in peer-reviewed journals.

Following is a list of the awardees, their majors, honors projects and faculty sponsors:

Firestone Medal

Christopher D. Aakre, biology: "Analysis of the Bacterial Effector Protein XopN in the Pathogenesis of Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria"; Mary Beth Mudgett and Dominique Bergmann, Biology.

Margaux Bennett, biology: "G-Patch Domain Containing 8 Is Required for Peripheral Myelination in Zebrafish"; William Talbot, Developmental Biology, and Tim Stearns, Biology.

Diane Cheng, sociology: "The Importance of Diversity in K-12 Schooling: Parent Opinions on the School Assignment Process, Resegregation Trends and Race-Conscious Student Assignment in the San Francisco Unified School District"; Monica McDermott, Sociology.

Sam Dubal, anthropology: "The Neoliberalization of Football: Rethinking Neoliberalism Through the Commercialization of the Beautiful Game"; James Ferguson and Miyako Inoue, Anthropology.

Lauren Falcao, political science: "New Strategies for Encouraging the Use of Malaria Prevention Technologies: Evidence from Tanzania"; Jeremy Weinstein, Political Science.

Deshka Foster and Stacie Vilendrer, human biology: "Principal Factors Influencing Treatment-Seeking Behavior for Childhood Malaria in Tanga, Tanzania"; Joel Samoff, Center for African Studies, and Shirley Feldman, Human Biology.

Michele Golabek-Goldman, international relations: "Adequacy of U.S. Hospital Preparedness for Mass Casualty Incidents: Critical Lessons from the Israeli Experience"; William J. Perry, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies.

Rebecca Grossman-Kahn, human biology: "Integral and Invisible: The Role and Role Perceptions of Community Health Workers in Northeast Brazil"; Donald Barr, Sociology, and Catherine Heaney, Psychology.

Christina Hall, physics: "Creating and Testing a Dynamic Model of Human Thermoregulation"; Craig Heller, Biology, and Sebastian Doniach, Physics.

David Hall, symbolic systems: "Tracking the Evolution of Science"; Daniel Jurafsky, Linguistics, and Christopher Manning, Computer Science.

Nicholas Hoy, international relations: "Constitutional Autocracy: Popular Legitimation and Authoritarian Regression in Senegal and Madagascar"; Larry Diamond, Hoover Institution.

Jennifer Ladd, biology: "The Role of ETS Transcription Factors Erg and Fli-1 in the Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells"; Alejandro Sweet-Cordero, Pediatrics, and Martha Cyert, Biology.

Kalani Leifer, international relations: "The Socialist Hangover: Democracy Satisfaction and Disparate Conceptions of the State in East and West Germany"; Kathryn Stoner-Weiss, Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law.

William Love Anderegg, human biology: "The Butterfly Effect: The Response of Riparian Bird Diversity to Climate Change and Human Development"; Terry Root, Woods Institute for the Environment, and Carol Boggs, Human Biology.

Darcy McRose, earth systems: "Understanding Carbon Dynamics in California Grassland Soils"; Chris Field, Biology; Rosamond Naylor, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies and Woods Institute for the Environment; and Peter Vitousek, Biology.

Omkar Muralidharan, mathematics: "False Discovery Rate and Empirical Null Methods"; Bradley Efron, Statistics.

Eyal Ophir, communication: "Multi-Media Minds: Cognitive Control in Media Multitaskers"; Clifford Nass, Communication, and Anthony Wagner, Psychology.

Christine Potter, psychology: "Look at the Yummy Manju: How Children Use Adjectives to Figure Out the Meaning of Unfamiliar Nouns"; Anne Fernald, Psychology.

Andrew Reovan, urban studies: "Theme Park in the City: Disneyland and the Aesthetic of the 'Anaheim Resort'"; Michael Kahan, Urban Studies.

Molly Roberts, international relations: "The U.S-China Trade Relationship: Explaining U.S. Antidumping Duties on China"; Judith Goldstein, Political Science, and Ron McKinnon, Economics.

Armon Sharei, chemical engineering: "Solution Patterning of High-Performance Organic and Inorganic Semiconductors"; Zhenan Bao, Chemical Engineering, and Gerald Fuller, Chemical Engineering.

Camille Sindhu, biology: "Determination of Cell Surface Phenotypes of Granulocyte and Macrophage Progenitors Downstream of the Bipotential Granulocyte/Macrophage Progenitor"; Irving Weissman, Biology, and Judith Shizuru, Medicine.

Shivani Srivastava, biology: "The Role of Dysregulated Apoptosis in Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis"; Elizabeth Mellins, Pediatrics, and Tim Stearns, Biology.

Pamela Sud, economics: "Can Non-Formal Education Keep Working Children in School? A Case Study from Punjab, India"; Martin Carnoy, Education.

Catherine Sun, biology: "Genetic Characterization and Mapping of Shifty, an Alteration in Airway Branching Pattern of C57BL/6J Mice"; Mark Krasnow, Biochemistry, and Tim Stearns, Biology.

Saranwut Takapong, economics: "The 'Common Lender Effect': Are Banking Centers Crisis Carriers?"; John Taylor, Economics.

Lee Trope, science, technology and society: "Preventing Cervical Cancer: Stakeholder Attitudes Toward Fast HPV-Focused Screening Programs in Roi-Et Province, Thailand"; Paul Blumenthal, Obstetrics and Gynecology; Paul Wise, Pediatrics; and Rebecca Slayton, Science, Technology and Society.

Jessica Vernon, economics: "Quantitative Restrictions and Quality Upgrading: The Case of the Multi-Fibre Agreement"; John Taylor, Economics.

Stefan Vitorovic, biology: "Characterization of Hematopoietic Stem Cells"; Helen Blau, Microbiology and Immunology, and Sharon Long, Biology.

Emily Warren, economics: "What Does Migration Mean for Children Left Behind? Educational Evidence from Guatemala"; Giacomo De Giorgi, Economics.

Gabriel Winant, political science: "Can't Win Them All: Party Organization and Strategy in the Era of Contested Majority"; Jonathan Wand, Political Science.

Loksang Lawson Wong, computer science: "Robotic Grasping on the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Robot"; Andrew Ng, Computer Science.

Hao Zou, electrical engineering: "Dynamic Spectrum Management for DSL and Home-PLC Networks"; John Cioffi, Electrical Engineering.

Golden Medal

Samuel Adams, music: "111 for Orchestra"; Mark Applebaum, Music.

Bob Borek, English: "'Nailed to the Cross of his Fiction': Samuel Beckett, Wilfred Bion and the Interplay of Negative Discourse and Psychological Resistance"; Peggy Phelan, English, and Joshua Landy, French and Italian.

Rachel Danford, art and art history: "Death and Digestion: The Mouth of Hell at Autun and What It Meant to Be Eaten in Medieval Art"; Bissera Pentcheva, Art and Art History, and Hester Gelber, Classics.

Kara Johnson, political science: "Toward an Ethical Gun Control Policy"; Rob Reich, Political Science, and Eamonn Callan, Education.

David Lai, American studies: "Into the Dexter Gospel: An Investigation of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Theology Through His Sermons, 1952-62"; Clay Carson, History.

Grace LaVance, feminist studies: "What Color Is Your Goddess?: Feminist Goddess Spirituality and the Quest for a Multicultural Religion, 1971-2000"; Estelle Freedman, History.

Carla Pugliese, history: "There Is Only One Other: How Precedent and Politics Homogenized State Representations of the Overseas France, 1945-1960"; James P. Daughton and Jessica Riskin, History.

Jenna Reback, comparative literature: "The Map Within the Text: A Narratological Vindication of Clarice Lispector"; Lisa Surwillo, Spanish and Portuguese, and Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, Comparative Literature.

Takeo Rivera, comparative studies in race and ethnicity: "The Language You Live In: Youth Poets and the Staging of Self"; Harry Elam, Drama, and Scott Herndon, Program in Writing and Rhetoric.

Anne Schiff, interdisciplinary studies in humanities: "Afterlives of the Greek Bible: Reception of the Septuagint in Jerome and Rabbinic Midrash"; Charlotte Fonrobert, Religious Studies, and Maud Gleason, Classics.

George Wyhinny, drama: "Secrets of the Forest"; Amy Freed, Drama.

Kennedy Prize

Christopher D. Aakre, natural sciences; Diane Cheng, social sciences; Carla Pugliese, humanities; Armon Sharei, engineering; Pamela Sud, social sciences.