Survey affirms Stanford’s reputation as a great place to work

Stanford was among the top five universities in all but three of 27 categories of a survey recently commissioned by the Chronicle for Higher Education that determined employee satisfaction on campuses nationwide. Results of the "Great Colleges to Work For" survey, published on July 18, were based on responses from more than 15,000 administrators, faculty members and staff at 89 colleges and universities.

Among campuses with 2,500 or more employees, Stanford ranked in the top five for job satisfaction; work-life balance; professional/career development program; compensation and benefits; respect and appreciation; teaching environment; supervisor or department chair relationship; confidence in senior leadership; healthy faculty-administration relations; collaborative governance; tenure clarity and process; perception and confidence in fair treatment; and internal communications. To see all the categories and top-ranking universities, go to

The assessment process, which also included analysis of demographic data and workplace policies, was administrated by ModernThink LLC, a human resources consulting firm. Questionnaires were administered online in March and April 2008.

One of the Chronicle's related stories highlights that Stanford's employees ranked the university highly for faculty-administration relations: "People there say that is because of the open, accessible approach of the president, John L. Hennessy, and the provost, John W. Etchemendy. Both men started as assistant professors at Stanford and rose up through the ranks, so they know the academic culture well," the story states.

"They welcome input and are open and transparent," Patricia Jones, professor of biology and vice provost for faculty development and diversity, was quoted as saying in the story. "They have good priorities for the institution."

The Chronicle for Higher Education, based in Washington, D.C., is considered one of the leading providers of academia-related news for college and university professors and administrators.