Scott rolls back to campus with a passion for cycling, a safety plan for the future

L.A. Cicero Ariadne Scott

Ariadne Scott, whose previous stint as bicycle program coordinator was from 2001 to 2003, stands next to her favorite form of transportation. Scott has returned after working at bike-maker Specialized for several years.

If bicycling is Ariadne Scott's passion, bike safety is her mission. Back for her second stint as bicycle program coordinator, she is committed more than ever to supporting the university's sustainability efforts while keeping campus routes safe.

"We have a unique environment on the campus that requires respect and awareness for all transportation users—pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists. We all need to get along with safety in mind," said Scott.

Between stints at Stanford, Scott worked for Specialized, a maker of bikes and accessories that she says is dedicated to bicycle safety. Scott is president of the board of the Bikes Belong Foundation, which also focuses on safety and generating goodwill between motorists and bicyclists. She also serves on the board of the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), which promotes environmentally sustainable and socially equitable transportation worldwide by working with city governments and local advocacy groups.

In addition to the Bicycle Donation and Rehabilitation Program, Scott plans to implement many other educational programs, including collaborating with campus police on a diversion program that would allow violators of bicycle road laws to attend a bicycle safety class in lieu of paying a fine.

She encourages members of the campus community to take the bike safety quiz online at