Stanford headlines for the week of January 30, 2008

2008 Daniel Pearl intern chosen

Albert Hosmer Bowker, former Stanford dean, Department of Statistics founder, dies at 88

Continuing Studies celebrates Emily Dickinson’s legacy with free public events

Exhibit spotlights tourism in America with paintings by Church, Homer, Moran

On the frontiers of science for decades, a storied building is soon to be razed

Nationwide fellowship program launched to attract top teachers

Recalling early years, Diamond talks about what matters to him

University’s position on defense funding cited inaccurately in obituary

Principal investigator of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover mission to give talk

Researchers' nanotube findings give boost to potential biomedical applications

Senate approves motions affecting athletics committee

Sudoku sizzles for this international puzzle champ

Transplant patient thrives for two drug-free years

Genome researcher to talk on religion, science

Brain as matchmaker: What's love got to do with it?

Hand-held computers prove good at prodding people to exercise more

Hundreds at memorial for Arthur Kornberg

Awards go to medical school Web site, writers

Medical center people

Media monitor

Memorial Resolution: Ralph S. Paffenbarger Jr.

Faculty Senate minutes - January 24, 2008 meeting

Memorial Resolution: Oswald Garrison "Mike" Villard, Jr.

Ph.D. Orals


Campus sustainability efforts turn to personal computer users

Cardinal Chronicle

Lively Arts promotes upcoming artists with free downloads

BP’s chief scientist to give Drell Lecture

Lessig to deliver final 'free culture' talk