Vice Provost for Graduate Education launches two funds, seeks grant proposals

Also accepting applications for doctoral fellowships encouraging interdisciplinary research, faculty diversity

The Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Education is inviting proposals for two funds for innovation and accepting applications for two doctoral fellowship programs.

SCORE Innovation Funds

The SCORE (Strengthening the Core) fund was created to help students and faculty to develop projects that scrutinize long-existing practices and explore new approaches to accomplishing educational goals.

Academic departments are encouraged to develop proposals that identify challenges facing the discipline or the department, and present plans for tackling those issues.

Examples of projects include rethinking curricular requirements in light of knowledge changes in a field or subfield, and better preparing doctoral students for diverse career paths.

The office will fund up to six SCORE grants in 2008. Grants will be awarded for one-year and two-year projects, including three grants of up to $20,000 per year and three grants of up to $50,000. Proposals are due April 1.


Student Projects for Intellectual Community Enhancement (SPICE) funds are for graduate students who would like to create and implement activities to expand and sustain the intellectual communities in their departments.

Proposed activities must make a positive impact on the academic life of the department, and ideally would include students across departmental subfields and at different stages in their studies.

Examples of activities include running seminars, coordinating orientation activities, sponsoring writing groups or journal clubs, and organizing professional development workshops.

The office will fund up to seven SPICE grants in 2008. Grants will be awarded for one-year and two-year projects, with budgets of up to $5,000 a year. Proposals are due March 25.


The Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship (SIGF) Program awards fellowships to doctoral students engaged in interdisciplinary research. The inaugural fellowships will be awarded in the spring of 2008. They will be three-year awards for continuing students. Applications for the first cohort of 12 fellows are due April 23.

DARE Doctoral Fellowships

The DARE (Diversifying Academia, Recruiting Excellence) Doctoral Fellowship Program awards two-year fellowships to doctoral students in their final two years who want to investigate and prepare for academic careers and whose presence will help diversify the professoriate. Applications for the inaugural cohort of 12 DARE Fellows are due April 23.