Stanford headlines for the week of August 6, 2008

Staffer Kristin Miscavage, Amy Blue Award-winner, dead at 56

Stanford jazz camp hits high notes

Knight Fellowship awards Risser Prize for global warming coverage

Science outreach program helps to prepare high-schoolers for rigors of college

New fruit-fly study adds weight to theories of another adult stem cell

Longtime Electrical Engineering staffer remembered at service held last month

Alumnus Jude Shao freed on probation from Chinese prison

Research Experience Program seeks applications for autumn quarter

Board of Trustees elects two new members: Christine Hazy and Susan McCaw

Class project takes wing with proposal for no-frills Colombian airline

Faculty invited to submit nominations for award honoring research support

Studies show people underestimate the willingness of others to help them out

Study challenges prevailing theory of aging in cells

Genetic evidence traces ancient African migration

Hospitals withdraw union recognition, workers reply

Panel reviewing ethics, use of stem cell lines

Two faculty will benefit from Keck awards to do research

Study finds HIV medicine can raise risk of drug resistance in mothers, babies

Stanford-Kaiser heart research center funded to study treatment outcomes

Stanford Medicine's summer issue explores the world of clinical trials

Heady research: Study finds molecule triggers hair growth in mouse embryos

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