Stanford headlines for the week of April 2, 2008

2,400 students from record applicant pool offered admission

Poll helps locals better understand affordable housing issues, solutions

Friday event commemorates anniversary of King’s assassination

Four Real

Mooney wins prestigious prize for environmental achievement

Professor receives $10 million grant from Saudi university

Louis London, engineering expert on heat transfer, dead at 94

Erika Jardetzky, longtime campus resident, dies at 78

Recent rise in auto burglaries reported

Study shows that stimuli unrelated to decision can still influence men’s choices

Stanford-Cambridge colloquium to take an academic look at athletics

Writers awarded Stegner Fellowships

President, faculty headed to Asia for ‘Leading Matters’ tour

Business School honors alumnus Henry Segerstrom with 2008 Arbuckle Award

Phytoplankton species deviates from norm: No CO2 absorbed in photosynthesis

Sound findings

New imaging tool can 'see' internal body details 1,000X smaller

Anatomy photos get Web views

Medical ed scholar to speak on Carnegie study

Dean's Medal to be awarded to Freidenrichs, Berg

Cheers soar, tears spill, grins grow: Match Day brings relief

Researchers unmask powerhouse proteins in telomerase

Medical center people

New knee surgery enables young patients with rare disorder to get active again

A birthday party invitation


Ph.D. Orals

Cardinal Chronicle

Community invited for annual Founders’ Celebration on April 7

Exhibit at Cantor highlights mask characters of Central Africa