Gender-identity language added to university’s nondiscriminatory policy

The university's "Statement of Nondiscriminatory Policy" now includes explicit language designed to further protect against discrimination based on gender identity.

"The university's leadership has for some time been considering how to better support transgender members of the Stanford community," said Alan Acosta, associate vice president for public affairs. During the past academic year, Acosta said, students, faculty and staff have discussed the idea of explicitly including gender identity language in Stanford's nondiscrimination policy.

The university has long prohibited discrimination and harassment on the basis of sex, race, age, color, disability, religion, sexual orientation and national and ethnic origin.

"We are continuing to look at other ways to better address these issues and support the needs of all transgender members of our university community," Acosta added.

The updated statement can be found on page 1 of the 2007-08 Stanford University Bulletin. In addition, according to Rosa Gonzalez, director of the Diversity and Access Office, gender identity language also will be added to the Administrative Guide, which is updated quarterly.