Stanford headlines for the week of May 16, 2007

Knight symposium to explore the challenge of how to pay for quality journalism

Stanford welcomes back retired Army general, political scientist

Study: More moms not 'opting out'

Carbon joins magnetic club: Element holds promise for information technology

2007 Stanford Summer Fellows on Democracy and Development announced

Roundtable probes the politics of China's large-scale investments in Africa

Joint effort to build emergency medical system for India

Volunteer program seeks to expose English-learners to 'rich language'

Stanford Powwow

Honors & Awards

Letter to the Editor: Readers at odds with lecturer’s analysis of French law banning Islamic headscarf

Reader questions scientific method behind assertions about creationism

Memorial service set May 24 for physicist, X-ray optics pioneer Albert Baez

Lai to debut a second translated work

Churchill, Luce, Beinecke, Truman scholarships awarded to five undergraduates

Four projects awarded grants from presidential fund for humanities

Senate to consider motion on banning tobacco funding

Water Quality Data and Water Quality Report for 2006

Cantor Center for Visual Arts spotlights 'living tradition' of American Indian art

In the Alps, hunting for Hannibal's trail

Sleepless for science, flies weakened

Experts eye what $3B can buy in stem cell benefits

Faculty senate to meet

Herzenbergs to receive award from Italian group

AIDS impact threatens world stability

5 Questions: Edward Cornwell on youth violence

Medical center people

Academic Council Annual Meeting

Ph.D. Orals


Historian says technology has made it too easy to wage war

Cardinal Chronicle

Class of 2011 currently numbers 1,745