Medical center people

Michael Jeng

Christopher Ta

Michael Longaker

Yasoda Natkunam

Michael Jeng, MD, has been promoted to associate professor of pediatrics (hematology and oncology) at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, as of Jan. 1. His research interests include pediatric hematologic disorders, such as bone marrow failure disorders, sickle cell disease, hemophilia and thalassemia. His current clinical research includes transfusion-related iron overload.

Christopher Ta, MD, has been promoted to associate professor of ophthalmology, as of Jan. 1. His research interests focus on the development of an artificial cornea, as well as the prevention and treatment of ocular infectious diseases.

Victor Tse, MD, PhD, has been promoted to associate professor of neurosurgery at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, as of Jan. 1. His research is focused on the development of the vascular architecture of brain cancer. Tse is developing ways to eliminate progenitor cells so as to deprive cancer cells of the means by which they can establish a foothold in the brain.

Michael Longaker, MD, the Deane P. and Louise Mitchell Professor, has been elected the 69th president of the Society of University Surgeons. He also serves as director of children's surgical research in the Department of Surgery as well as chair of the advisory committee for Stanford's Program in Regenerative Medicine. The society's mission is to advance the art and science of surgery.

Yasoda Natkunam, MD, PhD, has been promoted to associate professor of pathology, as of Feb. 1. She is interested in studying the tissue expression pattern of proteins that are of potential interest for the diagnosis, prognostic stratification and therapy of patients with lymphoma and leukemia. Naktunam is also associate director of the hematology lab, and co-director of both the immunodiagnosis lab and the post-sophomore fellowship in pathology.

Osman Akhtar has been appointed new senior associate chair/DFA for the Department of Medicine, as of Feb. 12. He will be involved with the development and implementation of the department's strategic direction. Prior to his promotion, Osman served as the associate director of finance and administration and director of clinical operations for the department.

Frances Wren, MD, has been appointed assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, as of Feb. 1. Her research interests focus on psychotherapy and medication treatment for childhood and adolescent depression. Wren also directs the Stanford Child and Adolescent Depression Clinic, which works with other professionals in the community to provide collaborative care for depressed children and adolescents.